Vietnam’s leading luxury massage chair brand

Currently, on the Vietnamese market, there are many brands of massage chairs, of which KLC genuine massage chair is one of the most popular Vietnamese brands because of its outstanding quality, modern technology and low cost. good.

KLC genuine massage chair affirms the leading brand

With the aspiration to become one of the leading healthcare equipment suppliers in Vietnam, KLC is constantly improving the quality of products and services and expanding its showroom system nationwide.

After nearly 10 years of construction and development, KLC is proud to be a Vietnamese brand that brings the best massage chair products and good health care equipment to Vietnamese families. With highly practical business strategies, always innovating to break through even in difficult circumstances.

KLC invests heavily in brand image, builds a professional website system with smart features and a series of after-sales, promotion and customer support policies to best purchase products that suit their needs. bridge. Professional staffs are ready to listen and bring great experiences to customers.

KLC Founder – Mr. Nguyen Cong Tung said, “From a few initial stores, until now, KLC has made a successful breakthrough, within the last 2 months of 2021, it opened 30 branches continuously and reached the milestone. more than 100 showrooms nationwide.It is estimated that by 2023, this number will be 500 showrooms, KLC will visit every neighborhood, every street,… to be able to bring the best products to customers everywhere. the homeland.”

Not only impressed by the largest massage chair chain in Vietnam, KLC also received a lot of support from millions of domestic and foreign customers. In particular, among these are many successful businessmen, celebrities and sports athletes. This is a great motivation for the KLC massage chair brand to grow stronger in the future.

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The proof of KLC’s success is the prestigious awards over the years such as: 2 times in a row “Vietnam’s Top Brands – Vietnam Top Brands 2020, 2021”, “Top 10 Asian Brands -” Pacific Ocean 2020, 2021″…

KLC massage chair is proud of high quality products

Right from the early days of establishment, KLC has been concerned with how to bring customers the best health care products. Every customer who comes to KLC is consulted in the most thoughtful way, understanding the role of massage chairs in the health and spirit of the user.

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The most modern integrated massage chair today

All products are guaranteed genuine quality, reasonable price, high durability, integrated with many new features, suitable for Vietnamese people’s condition, helping to protect and improve health. customers peace of mind and absolute trust.

Thanks to the right thinking, enthusiasm for users’ health and the determination, dare to try, dare to experience of the founding team, up to now, KLC has become one of the leading massage chair distribution systems. Vietnam. And KLC is proud to be a Vietnamese brand with the desire that every Vietnamese family owns a KLC massage chair in their home for better health care.

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KLC massage chairs are assembled on modern lines, supervised by a team of leading experts

With impressive successes, KLC continues to expand to several Southeast Asian countries and is planning to invest in Asia’s largest manufacturing and assembly plant. KLC will certainly make long strides and improve continuously to deserve the trust and love of Vietnamese consumers.

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