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Why does eating glutinous rice wine and ash cake kill “insects” during the Lunar New Year?

Eating sticky rice prevents many diseases and stimulates digestion

In the traditional concept, the occasion Lunar New Year (5/5 lunar calendar) is the time when the weather is sweltering. This is the time of changing seasons, insects and insects also have the opportunity to develop, causing diseases to people, animals and plants.

On this day, people often prepare offerings Lunar New Year early morning. However, Doan means opening, Horse is the period from 11 am to 13 pm. Therefore, the best time to worship the Dragon Boat Festival is from 11 am to 13 pm.

The ancients believed that using food with enough spicy, hot, sweet, sour and bitter taste to “kill insects.” The ancients also believed that eating sticky rice or wine on an empty stomach would make the “uncle” deep” in the abdomen easily “get drunk” and then fainted.

Why does eating glutinous rice wine and ash cake kill

The tray of offerings on the Day of the Dragon Boat Festival (picture: illustration)

According to TS.BS Nguyen Trong Hung – National Institute of Nutrition, recent studies also show that sticky rice prevents many diseases and stimulates digestion.

Glutinous wine helps prevent heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure

Researchers have conducted a study on patients who are allergic to antihypertensive drugs and found that glutinous rice wine can lower harmful cholesterol levels in the blood. The study was conducted on 2 groups of patients. One group took antihypertensive drugs, and the other group ate rice and wine. Both of these groups participate in a treatment program with lifestyle changes.

The study showed that after 12 weeks and after 24 weeks, cholesterol levels (including harmful cholesterol and total cholesterol) decreased significantly in the group that ate sticky rice wine.

Glutinous rice wine to prevent cancer

A research team from Louisiana State University (USA) analyzed bran samples taken from glutinous rice grown in the South of this country. They found that they contain very high levels of the antioxidant anthocyanin – a substance with potential to fight cancer, heart disease and many other diseases. Anthocyanins give a dark black color to many vegetables and fruits such as blueberries, peppers…

The researchers believe that this black antioxidant helps to protect the vessel walls and prevent DNA damage that leads to cancer. According to UPI, sticky rice has a dark black color, when cooked, it will turn a dark purple color. It contains many minerals and several amino acids.

Why does eating glutinous rice wine and ash cake kill

Glutinous wine has many health benefits, stimulates digestion

Glutinous wine stimulates digestion

Sticky rice wine, sticky rice wine is a food and also a drink, using both water and rice, delicious and popular with many people, including the elderly and children. This dish not only has the effect of nourishing the body but also helps to eat delicious, stimulate digestion.

Sticky rice wine combined with yogurt is also a good food for digestion and attractive to children. Glutinous rice has very low alcohol content. Therefore, the intoxicating ability of rice wine is almost nonexistent. Because when making rice wine, the processor only brews for 3 days, while the wine will incubate for 7-10 days. The longer the incubation time, the greater the amount of sugar converted into alcohol.

Iron deficiency disease prevention

The amount of iron in glutinous rice is very high. Therefore, if we eat glutinous rice every day, we will prevent iron deficiency diseases.

The ash cake neutralizes toxicity in many insect dishes on Tet holiday

According to Herbalist Pho Thuan Huong, Banh Tro will neutralize toxins in food to protect health during the Lunar New Year because on this day people often eat a lot of fatty, heat, and indigestible things (glutinous wine, mango, etc.) jackfruit…). Therefore, Lunar New Year needs to have ash cake.

It is called Banh Tro because the water used to soak rice to make cakes and cook cakes is taken from the clear water, settling from the ash water (gio) of many different plants. It is called a yin cake because it has the characteristics of yin, complementing the sound, because it contains all yin materials (all plants and minerals calcium, potassium…).

Why does eating glutinous rice wine and ash cake kill

Tonic ash cake

In Oriental medicine: Ash cake is light, cool to eat, easy to digest. It is most suitable for the elderly, weak, children, has a smoldering fever (yin bad), in cases of positive yang causing yin damage such as in The summer, which culminates in the early May of the Year of the Dragon (Doan yang – Chinh yang), often causes plague and disease.

Banh ash not only neutralizes harmful substances in eating and drinking to protect health during the Lunar New Year, but also the time after. Due to the effect of clearing heat and diuretic, detoxifying the body to prevent and contribute to the treatment of some diseases that require diuretics such as hypertension, gout (gout), kidney stones, etc. is the guiding principle of a large school of nursing that has an important position in Eastern medicine, because our bodies “are often abundant in yang, and yin are often inadequate”.

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