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🌲English Listening Practice – Forest Bathing and Walking Your Way to a Longer Life💚Episode 542

To speak English well, your English listening skills must be really good. Like an English teacher but much cheaper because it’s FREE! It’s something you can do pretty much anywhere. It’s an interesting English lesson and **all you have to do is listen to improve your English**. In this lesson you will also get something that is good for your body and good for your brain. You’ll find that listening to a little bit of English ( every day goes a long way. Yes, even if you’re commuting to work, at the gym, or cooking, listen to this English-language podcast ( ) every day and you will soon see that your knowledge and confidence in the English language will increase. When you learned your first mother tongue, you just listened and watched. You certainly haven’t read anything and you certainly didn’t know anything about grammar or pronunciation or accents. You just had someone around you every day to sit and talk, maybe play, and slowly your amazing brain built an understanding of language. After much listening ( ) you finally practiced saying things and copying what you heard. If you were lucky, you also had someone who spent a lot of time lovingly correcting you. Everyone on earth goes through this process and most of us are successful. Now young children have some advantages when learning languages. Young brains are amazingly adaptable and build new neural networks at an insane rate. But we oldies also have some advantages. We already understand many of the lessons young children need to learn from scratch. Being older doesn’t mean this listening approach to learning a language isn’t possible, it just means we can be more efficient at learning. So what’s your excuse? Start by listening ( ) the language you want to speak. Dive into the rhythm, pronunciation, accents, and vocabulary you need to know to speak this new language.


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