3 red apples a day, always healthy for life, but when eating, remember the following ‘great taboos’

The effects of eating dried red apples

Dried red apples have many health benefits. Folks often tell each other that if you eat 3 red apples a day, you can make the user ‘young forever, not old, healthy for a lifetime.’

OLDimprove sleep enhance brain function

In medicine, jujube is used alternatively to improve sleep for some chronic insomniacs and to help improve brain function. Saponins present in red apples help reduce stress and anxiety quite effectively. In addition, it also helps to improve memory, making brain cells not damaged by other neuro-destructive compounds. Studies have shown that taking jujube extract increased the duration and quality of sleep in rats. Before going to bed, drinking 1 cup of red apple tea will help you sleep better without worrying about insomnia.

Pprevent Alzheimer’s disease

To fight dementia (Alzheimer), it is necessary to use red apple juice, this is the study of some scientists. They customized the mice by setting up an apple-dependent diet. And surprisingly, their intelligence and memory improved dramatically. When using, should eat the whole apple skin to be better for the brain. Because apple peel contains nutrients that are good for the brain and fight against toxins that are harmful to the brain.

BILLIONiodine for the heart

Jujube contains potassium as well as very little sodium, which relaxes blood vessels and maintains blood pressure at a stable level. Using 2 to 3 fruits a day keeps your heart very healthy. Besides, it also contributes to lowering blood pressure because the polyphenols and fiber contained in jujube nutrients dissolve cholesterol. Reduces plaque-related markers and inflammation in the vessel walls. Florida State University in Tallahassee in 2011 demonstrated that jujube reduces bad LDL cholesterol.

Boost immunity and prevent cancer

Phenolics contained in the extract of jujube increase antioxidant activity. Some antioxidant enzymes work faster than some free radicals, thereby preventing the growth of cancer pathogens. Studies suggest that the antioxidant of jujube anti-inflammatory is necessary to reduce breast cancer, colon cancer as well as skin aging. Oxidation is not the only factor in preventing cancer, but also combined with nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C as well as magnesium content provides the body with an immune system. Better translation, preventing the invasion of bad components.

OLDImprove digestive system

50% of the carbohydrates in fruit come from fiber, which is beneficial as well as helping to improve the digestive system. Helps soften the speed of food moving through the digestive tract as well as prevent constipation. Red apple extract helps improve the health of the stomach and intestines mucosa significantly, reduces some damage caused by ulcers and injuries, contributes to the development of beneficial bacteria for the intestinal tract, digestive development.

Polysaccharide strengthens the intestinal mucosa, improving related manifestations has been applied experimentally in mice. It is concluded that the fiber contained in jujube is a food for beneficial intestinal bacteria, allowing the growth and resistance of some harmful parasites.

OFFERstrong bones

This small fruit is full of calcium as well as phosphorus, which helps strengthen bones, bone-related problems, makes bones strong, improves overall bone health. Therefore, you should not be extremely worried when your bones are not strong enough or at risk of osteoporosis in old age.

WOODAnti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory

Flavonoids found in jujube have been shown to be extremely powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents. The extract of this tiny fruit offers quite a cure in the treatment of infections. Besides, there is betulinic acid contained in jujube that helps fight against flu viruses.

3 red apples a day, always healthy for life, but when eating, you need to remember the following 'great taboos' - Photo 1.

WOMENThe following people should not use it dried red apple

Dried jujube is also a medicine with its own medicinal properties, so if used indiscriminately, without paying attention to the physical condition, it will not only not promote the effect of improving health, but also cause harm. reverse. In particular, the following people should not use it.

Low talker

The symptoms of these people are thick tongue, mucus mouth, anorexia, often upset stomach, people with severe disease also feel dizzy and headache, nausea, vomiting, facial swelling. Because apples have a slimy nature that causes moisture to grow, making the anger symptoms mentioned above even more severe. People with this condition should eat low-benefit foods such as bo bo, red beans, tubers, and melons.


This type of person has a hot body, often suffers from constipation, bad breath, swelling in the throat, teeth and gums, and apples have a sweet taste, and if used a lot, it is similar to adding oil to a fire.

New person has a cold

For those who are not used to colds, it is often because their bodies are infected with the evil qi of cold or hot wind, now eating a lot of apples also increases the sticky and slimy characteristics of the body, making it easier for evil qi to accumulate. in return, harmful to restore health status.


Apples have a lot of sugar, eat a lot to increase blood sugar, the disease will be aggravated. Therefore, people with high blood sugar should not eat a lot of apples.

3 red apples a day, always healthy for life, but when eating, you need to remember the following 'great taboos' - Photo 2.

Important notes when using dried red apples

If you are taking anti-epileptic drugs, you should avoid eating jujube. People with diabetes should reduce use because it even affects blood sugar. Fresh apples should not be stored in the refrigerator for too long, so it will reduce enough quality, optimally only abuse for 3-4 days. For long-term use, it should be dried. Do not eat too many red apples a day, because it will lead to flatulence and gas. To improve health, increase resistance a day should only eat 5-6 small fruits or 2-3 large fruits. Because jujube contains a very high content of sugar and substances, eating a lot of it that the body cannot absorb will be wasted, and overusing jujube will harm your health.

3 red apples a day, always healthy for life, but when eating, you need to remember the following 'great taboos' - Photo 3.

How to handle if accidentally swallowed right apple seed

Jujube seeds have 2 sharp tips that even hurt the digestive system when moving in it, including scratching, bleeding, perforating, jamming, causing inflammation and infection, and abscesses.

However, definitely do not pull out the throat to vomit. Because when trying to vomit, the seeds that even scratched the esophagus and the pharynx bleed, which will soon be removed by gastroscopy.

So if you have just swallowed the above nuts, you need to monitor your health situation. If there is abdominal pain, black, sticky stools, or red blood in the stools, then go to the hospital for examination, testing and appropriate treatment.

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