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6 things women find most attractive in men, how many do you get?

Science is trying to solve the age-old puzzle of the female brain. Many experiments have tried to enumerate what women find attractive in men, according to the Australian Men’s Journal. DMARGE.

Here are 6 traits in men that make women irresistible.

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There are 6 characteristics in men that make women irresistible, proven by science


1. Handsome, but “better wood than good paint”

Physical attractiveness can be a factor, but it’s not as important as you might think. Plenty of studies have confirmed that while women choose more handsome guys to flirt with, they target other qualities for long-term relationships.

2. Have a sense of humor

Ask a woman what she likes about her partner and most girls will say “he makes me laugh”. One study found that men’s sense of humor is most sexually attractive because it reveals intelligence, creativity, and “good genes” or “great dad” traits.

3. Pet dog

Women really love men pet dog. Studies suggest that pet dogs facilitate social interaction between people. Another trial showed that dog ownership can increase a man’s long-term attractiveness, as it indicates nurturing capacity and shows commitment in a relationship.

4. Dare to take risks

One study found that, when they choose a long-term partner, women prefer those who take physical risks, such as bravery, sporthealthy, but must be taking risks for an altruistic act, according to DMARGE.

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Humor in men has the most sex appeal


5. Altruism

A study published in the journal Psychological Science The Journal of Social Psychologyhave seen that both male and women both prefer selfless partners for long-term relationships, and this level of preference outweighs other characteristics in mate selection. Women in particular tend to choose a mate based on his prosocial tendencies.

6. Wearing red

Last but not least, one thing is too simple: wearing red can make men look more attractive to womenaccording to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology Journal of Experimental Psychology. A brightly colored man is considered to be more handsome, more sexually desirable, and has higher status, according to DMARGE.

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