A new “super” sophisticated scam

Recently, many winning customers went to the offices and warehouses of VTV – Hyundai Home Shopping Co., Ltd. (VTV-Hyundai) in Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong to complain about the promotion program and receive payment. bonus money and cars. When coming here, the new customer was shocked because the program was not performed by VTV – Hyundai but was impersonated by a unit to cheat.

VTV – Hyundai reported the incident to Cat Lai Ward Police, Thu Duc City Police and sent notices to press agencies; and continuously broadcast warnings on its sales channel to let consumers know.

However, the impersonation does not stop, there are signs of an increase in the number of people being deceived and the scams are more sophisticated, scaled and organized.

Mr. Huynh Kh. (79 years old, in Dak Lak) is a victim of this promotion. Mr. Kh. said that in April 2022, he bought 1 Korean red ginseng functional food with the payment amount of 699,000 VND. Enclosed with the product box is a coupon to announce the promotion program titled “Accompanying VTV – Enhancing life’s health”. The prize structure is quite attractive. Specifically, the first prize is a Vinfast Lux 2.0 car, the second prize of a Vinfast Fadil car, the third prize is a gift set worth VND 5 million and the consolation prize is a cash prize of VND 1 million.

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Winning coupons that businesses impersonate to send to customers

Mr. Kh. Follow the instructions on the ticket and scratch off the second prize, a Vinfast Fadil car worth 375 million VND. When he knew he was lucky to have won a car, Mr. Kh. Call the switchboard number listed on the ticket to read the coupon code for the customer service staff to receive the car. The other end of the line congratulated him and offered to give him 5 more boxes of red ginseng. They also informed Mr. Kh. had to pay 3.5 million dong for the company to file the license plate of the car he had just won.

After completing the fee payment, Mr. Kh. After being notified, the company will wait for the completion of the procedures to notify the specific date of receiving the car.

“Waiting for a long time, I can’t see it, I called the switchboard and no one answered the phone, the person who directly managed my case, Ms. Lien Hoa, also cut off contact. I was very upset because I was old and weak and had money. I don’t have any money, I have to borrow money to participate in the program” – Mr. Kh. pressing.

Similarly, Ms. Vu Lan H. (Lang Son hometown) is also a victim of “Accompanying VTV – Improving life’s health”. Seeing that the program was so attractive, she only spent VND 699,000 to buy a premium ginseng box but also won a prize, so she joined. When receiving the goods, the “company” called to ask for the participation code on the voucher, she was informed that she won a Vinfast Fadil car worth VND 375 million and was asked to transfer VND 3.5 million as “the cost to the sea”. number”.

After transferring the money, on time, Mrs. H. and her husband went to Hanoi to fly to Ho Chi Minh City to receive the prize. When I went to the office of VTV – Hyundai, I realized that I had been cheated.

“My husband and I gave up all our work, it took a lot of money to travel, but when we came to receive the prize, we called the switchboard only 3 different addresses, everywhere they were impersonating scams, but there was no winning program. at all” – Mrs. H. exasperated.

Hundreds of other customers have also fallen into the same scam. Exchange with The Labor NewspaperTran Anh Thu, Director of Marketing Communications – Channel Manager of VTV – Hyundai said that the company is cooperating with authorities to investigate and handle impostors with fraudulent purposes.

“We found this group of scams targeting middle-aged and elderly customers in rural areas, collecting money in the form of COD (pay-on-delivery). This scam has appropriated the money of many customers. products; damaging the reputation and image of VTV – Hyundai, seriously affecting the company’s operations; causing unsafety and disorder in localities. users and businesses do not become victims of fraud” – Ms. Thu urgent.

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Receipt of Hoang Khang company impersonating VTV-Hyundai

In a statement sent to the authorities, VTV – Hyundai said that when checking the tax code written on the promotional coupon, this is Hoang Khang Manufacturing, Trading and Service Co., Ltd., founded by Nguyen Thanh Nhan on March 1, 2021. at street number 44, ward 14, Go Vap district, HCMC. On the promotional coupons attached to the products sold by this company to customers, it says “Hoang Khang – VTV Shopping Hyundai”. All take the office address of VTV – Hyundai at 23, street 30, Cat Lai ward, Thu Duc city, Ho Chi Minh City.

Scammers talk “ethical”

In the recording files sent by the customer The Labor Newspaper shows that the scammers are still talking “ethical” in the process of “closing the application”. “I’ll tell you, with a reputable brand like VTV – Hyundai, we can’t cheat. We are also salaried and we know the law of cause and effect. No one goes for a few bucks. cheat the elderly, later in life our children and grandchildren will bear the consequences. You know, the most afraid is the law of cause and effect, miss…” – said the sales consultant of the fraud group.

And yet, when customers claim their rights and report to the government because they have been waiting and can’t see “winning gifts”, the scammers start to turn their faces and challenge. “Just report the job, I’ll continue. I’m not afraid of Jiang Ho, even if there are a few million, no police will do it. Just report it, here we go.”

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