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Answering for women 15 ways to understand “it’s not like that” about using cars

This is especially true for women when using cars.

That’s why there are many tips from friends, family or car manufacturers on fuel economy, engine power and overall car life for women who have been, are and will have. intention to own a car. However, not all advice is correct.

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Cars also hide many things that make people curious and want to learn no less.

1. Buying a car is an investment

“Property or liability” is always the main topic when people talk about buying a car. And even though many years have passed, people are still busy arguing to protect their personal views.

However, according to StarsInsider, it is true that there are cars that become iconic over time, but it takes a long time and even luck. In general, cars depreciate quickly and are rarely seen as an investment.

2. Old car is better than new car

There is a lot of advice on whether to choose a used car or a new car, and of course each has its own pros and cons, depending on the circumstances and preferences of each person.

However, old cars will not have modern safety features like new cars. And of course, an old car cannot give users the same feeling as owning a brand new car for the first time. This is about feeling, but for women, it seems to be quite important.

3. Do not drive a convertible when it rains

Usually, when driving a convertible and unfortunately encountering rain, we will stop and turn on the roof. However, if we run fast enough, we won’t really get wet.

4. Technology makes driving better

Technologies such as traction control, lane assist or sensors can help us drive more safely, but cannot completely replace the person behind the wheel.

Therefore, be very attentive when driving instead of relying on the technology of the cars.

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5. Automatic transmission is not as safe as manual transmission

In fact, modern automatic transmissions are already on par with manual transmissions in terms of performance, speed and fuel economy. Therefore, this understanding is the next thing that people need to change in their thinking.

6. Turning on the air conditioner will save more fuel than opening the window

At first glance, it sounds reasonable, but reality proves the opposite, turning on the air conditioner always uses more fuel than opening the car window.

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Turning on the air conditioner always uses more fuel than opening the car windows.

7. Lower the rear bumper of the pickup to save fuel

Tests show that lowering the rear bumper of a pickup truck while driving will consume more fuel. The alternative that you can do is to replace the rear bumper with a metal mesh.

8. Periodic tweaking is good

With older cars, periodic checks and tweaks for smooth operation are essential. Today, however, cars have computers that do the work. The computer will notify when the car has any signs to keep an eye on.

9. Turning the engine off and on again consumes more fuel than idling

However, this depends on whether you own a new or used car. Many cars today are also equipped with an automatic shutdown system when the light is red, proving that we can save fuel when the engine is turned off.

10. Cold air intake increases engine power

Cool air is better for the engine than hot air, but cold air intake has almost no effect on vehicle performance.

11. SUV runs well off-road

High ground SUVs can run off-road well, but it should be noted that many SUVs do not have four-wheel drive. Even with four-wheel drive, conventional SUVs are more suitable for road driving than off-road driving.

12. Wash your car with dishwashing liquid or washing powder

This seems like a good way to save money. However, washing your car with detergent or dishwashing liquid can damage the car’s wax finish. Instead of contributing to rust, pay a little extra for a specialized car wash liquid designed to not damage the car’s wax.

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Ladies, pay a little extra to buy specialized car wash liquids designed not to damage the car’s protective wax.

13. Change all 4 tires at the same time

In fact, car owners only need to replace individual tires as needed as long as they are of the same brand, model and size. To maximize life just make sure to remove the tire at each oil change. In addition, it is not necessary to buy new tires if the vehicle has a puncture. Just patching is enough because the patches will prevent moisture from entering the steel rim and restore the tire’s tightness.

14. Buying gas in the morning will be more optimal

Gasoline expands because of heat, so many people still believe that pouring warmer fuel means the car will receive less fuel.

In theory, fuel injected in the morning would be cooler and allow more to be filled at a lower cost. However, in practice, gasoline is often stored underground and isolated from temperature changes. So the timing of refueling doesn’t really make a difference to the amount of fuel received.

15. Hiding behind a vehicle will not be hit by bullets

When watching action movies, we all see the main character hiding behind a car and safe from the rain of bullets. Unless this is the only option, usually bullets can still penetrate cars.

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