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Apply machine learning, AI, data to marketing and sales funnel

Applying data to digital marketing activities and sales channels is one of the focus of promoting digital transformation at enterprises, helping to transform and optimize the approach to users, exploit the distribution channels of enterprises. future.

Identifying data as the “fuel” for the future, Unilever Vietnam’s brands and customer development departments have constantly promoted the digital transformation process in their marketing activities and sales channels. business from 2018 to present.

Bring a new experience to customers

Based on data collection, analysis and application, brands at Unilever Vietnam have been transforming from a traditional marketing model to a data-driven marketing model. Accordingly, this model will help brands focus on performance, directing accurate messages to target customers, in real time and personalized. Data is the key foundation for realizing those goals, while also increasing predictability of results through instant data.

In addition, brands boldly put new technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) or new technologies such as extended reality (XR) into operation. marketing activities to help bring new experiences to customers.

For example, Clear brand from Unilever pioneered the application of AI in marketing activities when it launched a digital version of female singer Toc Tien in 2020 with an appearance created by 3D technology and a brain developed. developed and processed with Natural Language Processing Technology. This initiative helped Clear receive the Gold Award for Best Data-driven Display Creative at the 2020 MMA Smarties APAC and the Silver Award for the Machine Learning & AI category at the global MMA Smarties X 2020.

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The digital version of singer Toc Tien is the result of applying AI to marketing from Clear

Or the Dove brand in Vietnam has used Machine Learning and AI in the “Dove Hair Rewind Women’s Day” campaign, helping users create their own journey videos, thereby successfully spreading the message “Your hair” me, my choice”. This is also the project that helped Dove receive Vietnam’s only Gold award at the global MMA Smarties X in 2021 for the Machine Learning & AI category.

unilever a2 686
Vietnam’s only Gold Award at the global MMA Smarties X in 2021 from Dove’s campaign

In a world with diverse and fragmented consumer needs and trends at the moment, digital transformation is an inevitable trend, and Unilever started this journey very early in Vietnam. This journey also helps to raise the bar for marketers at the enterprise and is recognized by many organizations in Vietnam, as well as in the region and globally.

The most honorable is the rain of awards at Smarties x Global and Smarties Asia Pacific with 14 awards, including the important Marketer of the Year award in 2021.

Digitizing distribution channels

Vietnam’s retail market is shaped mainly by traditional channels and modern channels. However, the shift to online sales channels and other emerging sales channels has been around for a long time. This affects not only new sales channels, but also requires leaders to think of ways to renew themselves even in traditional channels. Therefore, Unilever Vietnam constantly focuses on transforming the digital sales model, omni-channel, connected by data.

This is a “revolution” that Unilever Vietnam has been very aggressive with since the early days. The enterprise has developed and deployed the OrderUNow mobile application, helping more than 170.00 grocery stores and retailers across the country import goods directly from Unilever, directly creating a B2B business model between businesses. and retailers.

unilever a3 687
Small businesses can easily import goods directly from Unilever with OrderUNow

Not only that, Unilever Vietnam is also leading in many other sales models, typically the Direct to Customer (D2C – Direct to Customer) model through the UShop e-commerce ecosystem, specializing in selling products and services. Unilever products.

unilever a4 688
Unilever Vietnam’s direct-to-customer e-commerce ecosystem

At the same time, the business is also a favorite brand in e-commerce platforms, as well as a strategic partner in building a multi-channel sales model – OmniChannel and supermarket chains in Vietnam.

All efforts to apply technology and digital transformation are geared towards efficiency in marketing, business operations, and above all, better experiences and services to Unilever Vietnam’s customers and consumers.

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