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Behind the scenes of ‘Journey to the West 1986’ attracts attention

When filming the segment “Acquiring jade rabbits in Thien Truc”, Ly Linh Ngoc could not swim, causing the film crew “Journey to the West” to fall into a bad mood.

On May 29, the keyword “Behind the scenes of the movie Journey to the West 1986” became a prominent search and comment topic on Weibo. Entertainment bloggers synthesize videos of the crew working, resting and making behind-the-scenes comments as attractive as the movies.

Behind the scenes of capturing the jade rabbit from the movie 'Journey to the West'

The “Journey to the West” crew filmed in Thailand. Video: Bilibili

One of the remarkable stories is that the male staff members of the film crew volunteered to be “heroes to save beauty”. Artist Ly Linh Ngoc plays the princess of Thien Truc country, chased from the palace by the jade rabbit elf, suffering and looking for death. In the script, the princess jumped into the river, was saved by Sun Wukong. But Ly Linh Ngoc Can’t swim, director Duong Khiet looked for a volunteer to go down to the river to help Ly Linh Ngoc.

Dozens of boys volunteered to enter the water, the director chose three. Above XinhuaDuong Khiet recalled the humorous behind-the-scenes: “When Linh Ngoc just got into the water, the three brave guys rushed to help, their arms and faces all got into the camera. Is this what you call help? Linh Ngoc’s clothes are wet. so I couldn’t go back, I had to stop”.

A few months later, while filming in Thailand at the end of 1987, Duong Khiet invited a stuntman to complete the scene where the princess entered the water.

Ly Linh Ngoc plays Princess Thien Truc, Jade Rabbit in the film.  Photo: QQ

Ly Linh Ngoc plays Princess Thien Truc, Jade Rabbit in the film. Image: QQ

Conquering the jade rabbit in Thien Truc set in a foreign country in exile. In the 1980s, China’s tourism was not yet developed, and there were few works with foreign architecture, so Duong Khiet chose Thailand to shoot outside. About 20 people were granted visas to Bangkok to film.

After finishing the work, the team went to some tourist destinations in Bangkok to shoot promotional videos. Actors Luc Tieu Linh Dong (as Ton Ngo Khong), Ma Duc Hoa (as Tru Bat Gioi) wear character shapes, walk around in the shopping mall, drive toy cars, etc. citizen.

The work was shot on July 3, 1982, and then it was released to try out the episode Except for love in O Ke country in October of the same year. Since 1986, the film has been fully broadcast on television, resonating in many Asian countries. Follow Xinhua, the film has a long life, has always been replayed every summer for decades. Although the technique is rudimentary, the work is unique thanks to the content and performance of the artists. This year, Vuong Sung Thu – cinematographerhusband of great Directed by Duong Khiet – release of books to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the film’s release.

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