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Being pointed out, the Ukrainian army was hit by a rain of Russian missiles

Being pointed out, the Ukrainian army received a rain of Russian missiles - Photo 1.

Moosystemrskyi said: “During the battle for Gostomel, on the first day of hostilities (February 24), at the same time 40 Russian helicopters flew and rained missiles on our positions, most likely at the same time. “The Russians already know where we are. So some points were hit by missiles, and we understand that there were spies inside who were passing on classified information to the Russian forces.”

Mr. Monticrskyi also added that hundreds of “spies” planted by Russia operate in the occupied territories. According to Mr. Monticrskyi, many of them hold elected positions in the local government until February 24.

Minister Monticrskyi believes that the Ukrainian justice system will force these people to pay, especially during the liberation and occupation and even after the war is over.

Earlier on May 31, the Security Service of Ukraine arrested a top engineer of the State Enterprise Antonov, who was found to be working for the Russian propaganda apparatus. This person repeatedly urged his colleagues to surrender, cooperate with the Russians and pass on classified information to them.

On the first day of the Ukrainian war, fierce fighting took place behind the airfield in Gostomel. In the first hours, the Ukrainian armed forces shot down two enemy helicopters. Local witnesses said dozens of Russian helicopters opened fire on positions of Ukrainian defense troops.

Late on the afternoon of February 24, American reporters reported that Russian troops had entered Antonov State Enterprise airport. Later, on the evening of the same day, the Office of the President confirmed that the airport was occupied by Russian forces.

According to Ukraine’s Pravda newspaper, police arrested a vandal near the airport on February 24, who identified himself as “perverted”.

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