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Biting a piece of dried squid by eating 40 pieces of fatty meat

Ms. Wang Xiao, from Dalian province, Liaoning, China, is a seafood trader. Recently, for unknown reasons, she often feels dizzy and weak in her limbs. Thinking that the cause was not getting enough rest, she went to the doctor and was told: Wang Xiao’s blood lipids were above the norm. If this condition persists, she may suffer from cardiovascular diseases, myocardial infarction, brain hemorrhage…

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In the summer, dried squid is a gift many people buy as a gift every time they go to the beach. (Illustration).

After the doctor talked to her about her diet, they discovered that the problem was that she liked to eat dried squid very much. Vuong Hieu believes that dried squid is rich in protein and good for health, so he likes to mix it every day. However, according to the doctor, the cholesterol content in dried squid is very high, even 10 times that of pig liver. Eating dried squid regularly will cause the cholesterol level in the body to increase, thicken the blood and exceed the standard of fat in the blood, which gradually leads to blood lipids. The doctor advised her to minimize her consumption of squid.

After learning more, Vuong Hieu also learned that for every 100 grams of dried squid, the cholesterol content is as high as 615 mg, which is 40 times the cholesterol content of fatty meat. Thus, every bite of a piece of dried squid will be equal to eating 40 pieces of fatty meat.

In addition, the doctor also pointed out that the carbohydrate content in dried squid is very high, which is not good for health if eaten in large quantities. In addition, dried squid has a natural mercury composition – typical of seafood, so it should be eaten in moderation to avoid the body absorbing mercury.

Some test results have shown that dried squid may also contain cadmium toxins that exceed the permissible standards. Cadmium may be the cause of breast cancer and prostate cancer. This substance is used in the production of batteries, the production of alloys, dyes…

According to a nutritionist, dried squid is a “favorite” dish of many people, eating in moderation will not cause any harm to the body. However, if eaten in large quantities, it is completely unhealthy for the reasons mentioned above.

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Shredded dried squid with chili sauce is a favorite dish of many people, but it should be limited when eating. (Illustration)

You also need to choose dried squid from reputable establishments. Products of unknown origin may contain dangerous substances, because many manufacturers use preservatives that are harmful to the human body to keep the squids from spoiling, moldy during storage and transportation. transfer. In addition, whether the processing process is hygienic or not is another issue that needs attention. Recently, a video caught attention on Korean social networks, when a dry ink maker put on shoes and stepped on a very unhygienic pile of ink, causing a lot of controversy.

How to use and store dried ink properly?

You should put dried squid in a plastic bag, tie it tightly, put it in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator, freezer or put it in a vacuum bag and then put it in the freezer compartment. This way helps to preserve the ink for no more than 6-8 months.

How to choose the best dried squid?

Dried ink should have a light pink color, with a layer of white chalk clinging to the surface. Do not choose dark ink, it will be bitter easily.

Dried squid needs full parts (beard, body, float).

The ink has a relative thickness (if the ink is too thick, it will be tough), when it is held, it has a firmness, a light stickiness, not dry or sticky.

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