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Boy’s foot crushed by being clipped to automatic sliding gate

Baby DP (28 months old, in Hanoi) was admitted to the hospital in a state where his right foot was crushed due to being clipped to the family’s automatic sliding gate.

According to information from the National Children’s Hospital (Hanoi), recently, doctors of the Pediatric Orthopedic Department have received a number of cases of pediatric patients with injury caused by automatic sliding gate at home.

The boy's foot was crushed due to being clipped to the automatic sliding gate - photo 1

The child’s right foot was crushed due to being clipped to the family’s automatic sliding gate

VI Hieu

Causing a dangerous accident

The most recent case of admission is baby DP (28 months old, in Hanoi) admitted to the hospital in a state of crushed right foot due to being clamped to the automatic sliding gate.

Taking the medical history, the patient’s father said that the family has an automatic sliding gate for remote control.

The night before the patient was admitted to the hospital, the family was having dinner when someone came to the house, at this time her 9-year-old sister pressed the button to open the door. Because the gate slides back and forth, the baby is very curious and excited to swing by the gate.

“Every time when opening and closing the door, I was there to remind my children not to climb up the gate, this time the family was negligent. When people saw her crying, everyone ran out to see her feet stuck in the gate,” said the patient’s father.

“Shortly after my son’s accident, my family immediately removed the gate to avoid a similar accident in the future,” the patient’s father added.

Doctor Nguyen Vu Hoang, Department of Pediatric Orthopedics, National Hospital of Pediatrics, who directly operated on pediatric patients, said that the doctors determined that the baby’s right foot was crushed, broken 2 collar bones 2 – 3, ruptured extensor tendon 1 – 2 – 3, skin defect exposed the dorsal tendon.

The patient was quickly brought into the room surgery treated by cutting necrotic wounds, removing crushed tissue, reconnecting and restoring tendons and blood vessels… to retain the foot both functionally and aesthetically for the child. After surgery, the baby is stable, but will have to practice to recover gradually.

According to Dr. Hoang, automatic sliding gates and gates are being installed by more and more people. “However, most of us certainly did not expect that these doors can cause dangerous accidents, especially for young children,” noted Dr. Hoang.

“In the case of the above child, the cause of the accident was due to the child’s family’s automatic sliding gate that incorrectly installed the infrared sensor to the outside, but did not install it inside to sense people or vehicles. Come close to stop opening and closing,” said Doctor Hoang.

OLDParents need to prevent accidents and injuries for children

According to Dr. Hoang, in order to avoid unfortunate accidents to children, it is advisable to install infrared sensors to identify the inside of the gate, not outside, so that when children approach from inside the house, the infrared lights will identify them. detect and stop the gate running on rails in time.

While using automatic gates and gates, parents need to keep an eye on small children. Parents should pay attention to carefully observe the obstacles when controlling the door, absolutely do not take their eyes off when controlling the door, automatic gate.

Besides, there must always be a caregiver beside the young child when they eat, sleep, and play.

Must be often education Children are not allowed to climb when there is no adult nearby, do not allow children to stand on chairs or unstable objects. Do not let children under 10 years old look after children under 3 years old…

According to Dr. Hoang, when there is proper attention and reminders from parents, it will help children to absorb well, contributing to the prevention of unfortunate accidents that may occur.

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