Car knocked over motorbike, three people died

Bac GiangBeing hit by a car, three members of a family died while riding a motorbike through an intersection in the city center, on the night of June 2.

At 23:30, Mr. Nguyen Van Hung, 48 years old, rode a motorbike carrying his wife Duong Thi Quyen, 44 years old and daughter Nguyen Thuy Duong, 13 years old, through the intersection of Hung Vuong – Hoang Van Thu, in Ngo Quyen ward, Bac Giang city. .

When passing 2/3 of the intersection, the motorbike was suddenly hit by a four-seat car by Mr. Nguyen Quoc Thinh, 35 years old. Three people were thrown onto the sidewalk, died on the spot.

The car then continued to rush dozens of meters before stopping.

Video of the Bac Giang accident

Traffic cameras recorded the accident on the night of June 2.

Traffic camera images recorded showed that at the time of the accident, the street was very empty, motorbikes were traveling under the green light, and cars were traveling at a fast speed, passing the red light.

At the scene, the front of the car was damaged, the motorcycle was deformed, and it was located more than 10 meters away from the car. The victims were located more than 10 meters apart, about 15 meters from the motorbike and a few tens of meters from the crash site.

Deformed car after a traffic accident.  Photo: CTV

Deformed car after a traffic accident. Image: CTV

The leader of the Bac Giang Traffic Police Department said that the car driver was an officer of the Bac Giang Road Maintenance Management Board and had an alcohol concentration of 0.604 mg/liter of breathing air. This person is being detained at the Bac Giang City Police.

Three victims on motorbikes reside in Tho Xuong ward, Bac Giang city.

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