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Children choking on foreign objects can be fatal if parents keep trying to do this

Recently, City Children’s Hospital (HCMC) has received LTB baby (18 months old, living in Binh Tan district) hospitalized with a severe dry cough for two days, then gradually prolonged colon, choking. cyanosis.

Taking the history showed that, before the day of admission, the adults in the family ate peanuts, it is not clear if B. ate it, then the baby always had a persistent cough with vomiting mucus, sometimes with fever.

The family took the baby to the doctor many times, but they were all diagnosed with bronchitis. B. was given many medicines but the cough did not go away. The doctors suspected that the baby had a foreign body in the airway, so they performed a chest x-ray for B. The results showed that B. had a complete blockage of the left main bronchus, causing left lung congestion.

Faced with that situation, the patient underwent bronchoscopy immediately afterwards. Bronchoscopy results showed a foreign body suspected of being peanuts in the left main bronchus branch.

Dr. Nguyen Cat Phuong Vu shared, the process of picking up foreign bodies for babies encountered many difficulties when using a soft bronchoscope combined with a hard bronchoscope. Along with that, peanuts that stay in the airways for a long time are soaked with water, so they become crumbly and broken into pieces. However, the doctors tried very hard to pick up the remaining debris, gently pump the pseudomembranous area where the pea was attached, stop the bleeding and end the procedure.”

Currently, B.’s health is gradually stabilizing and his general condition is at the Department of Respiratory Medicine. However, B. still needs antibiotics for pneumonia and physical therapy afterwards.

Experts recommend that foreign bodies due to aspiration are very common in young children, especially between the ages of 6 months and 3 years. At this age, children often have a tendency to put objects in their mouths, then inhale them into the airways.

Children choking on foreign objects can be fatal if parents keep trying to do this - Photo 1.

If a child aspirates a foreign body, if not treated promptly, the airway can be blocked, leading to death.

More than half of the cases of foreign bodies choking are small beans, especially peanuts, diced fruit and toys with many small details, broken … Objects have a round shape. It is also very dangerous for children because it can completely block the airway, cause acute suffocation, and even be life-threatening if not treated promptly.

Neglected cases of foreign body aspiration can lead to recurrent pneumonia, fever, prolonged cough, hemoptysis, atelectasis…

Way xeh smart when Baby accidentally choking, choking object

According to doctor Nguyen Cat Phuong Vu, when detecting that a child has inhaled a foreign object, parents should continue to let the child cough to expel the foreign object.

Absolutely do not hook the child’s throat to vomit because this action has the risk of pushing the foreign object deeper into the airway or causing the foreign body to go from partially blocking the airway to completely blocking the airway, causing the child to suffocate.

– For children under 1 year of age, place the child on his or her stomach, with the head slightly down, the other hand slightly cupped, patting the child’s back between the shoulder blades.

– Older children can be placed lying on their backs on the ground, the rescuer’s hands are overlapped so that the abdomen below the sternal (epigastric region) is pressed down several times.

– For older children and adults, one can stand behind them, with both hands clasped together, pressing firmly on the epigastrium in the direction from bottom to top and from front to back.

To ensure the safety of children, parents do not allow children to hold and play with small objects. Children should not laugh while eating to avoid unfortunate cases of aspiration.

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