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China claims success with its “No Covid-19” strategy

The front page article of the People’s Daily on June 2 with the headline “Great achievements have been made in the defense of Shanghai” declared victory in the battle against the Covid-19 epidemic in China. this financial center.

In another commentary, this newspaper said that this anti-epidemic achievement once again proves that the “No Covid-19” strategy is the most suitable strategy for China because of its aging population, vaccination rate. in the elderly and children is relatively low as well as medical resources are not enough to meet.

China claims success with its

According to Bloomberg, the number of cases recorded across China fell to 61 on June 1, from 68 a day earlier and the lowest since February 17.

Shanghai, the epicenter of the latest outbreak, recorded 13 cases on June 1 as most of the city’s 25 million residents were lifted from lockdown.

However, the success of China’s anti-Covid-19 campaign has caused some major damage to the economy, forcing factories to close for weeks and disrupting supply chains due to China’s restrictions on movement. transfer, mass testing and mandatory isolation of all Covid-19 cases and close contacts.

Meanwhile, the Beijing capital government prevented the blockade with other strict measures, such as requiring 22 million residents to work from home and test every day. Officials say the outbreak has been brought under control, but the risk of an outbreak remains.

Authorities are weighing measures to stimulate consumer spending after shopping centers and entertainment venues have reopened, but only to a limited extent.

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