Common problems in outdoor units reduce the life of the air conditioner

The outdoor air conditioner has the effect of radiating heat to the outside space, so that the room temperature becomes cool. The outdoor unit includes many components such as compressors (blocks), fan motors, heatsinks, propellers, boards… All protected in a powder-coated shell (shield).

When maintaining the air conditioner or when it feels like the machine is noisy, not cool… we often think of the indoor unit but forget about the outdoor unit. In fact, the new outdoor unit is the main operating part of the air conditioner, when damaged it will be difficult to repair because of the complexity of the device. In addition, the cost of replacing new components is quite high, ranging from 2-5 million.

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According to refrigeration experts, the three causes of outdoor unit damage are circuit board explosion, compressor failure and poor outdoor unit heat dissipation. Therefore, if you want the air conditioner to operate stably, you need to pay attention to: the board, the compressor and the heatsink.

Fire circuit board

The circuit board (PCB) is responsible for controlling the machine’s operations. The board can solve many algorithms and machine parameters with extremely fast processing speed. There are a number of reasons that cause board fires such as poor quality boards, insects entering or too high voltage causing the board to explode. When replacing the board, it will cost from 2-3 million depending on the brand and model.

To increase the life of the board, manufacturers continuously improve and apply new technologies. For example, Daikin – an air conditioner expert from Japan has added circuit protection when voltage changes. “Daikin’s boards are super high-spec PCBs. We use the most advanced chips from major Japanese semiconductor manufacturers, which can handle multiple control processes at lightning speed. “, said the brand representative.

Common problems in the outdoor unit reduce the life of the air conditioner - Photo 2.

Board of FTKZ Daikin air conditioner. Photo: Daikin

The common voltage in countries is 220V-260V. However, in areas where the voltage is not stable, the board can burn. Daikin develops PCB boards that can withstand voltage ranges from 150V-260V. If the current goes out of this frequency range up to 440V or down to 150V, the machine will prevent current from passing, preventing the board from exploding.

Common problems in the outdoor unit reduce the life of the air conditioner - Photo 3.

Simulates circuit protection when voltage changes. Graphics: Daikin

Compressor broken

If the board is likened to the brain of the air conditioner, the compressor is the heart of the regulator, working continuously to transport refrigerant, ensuring the cooling cycle of the whole system.

Incorrect installation of the outdoor unit, unstable power supply or overloaded compressor can all cause the compressor to operate inefficiently. Then the cooling capacity as well as the durability of the whole air conditioner will be reduced. The cost of replacing the compressor can be up to 4-5 million VND.

The most common types of compressors today are rotary compressors. There are many types of rotary compressors, in which the Swing type is an innovation of Daikin that helps the compressor rotate in a circular motion, reducing friction, vibration, limiting refrigerant leakage, thereby increasing the cooling efficiency as well as compressor durability.

Common problems in the outdoor unit reduce the life of the air conditioner - Photo 4.

Swing compressor, a proprietary technology of Daikin. Graphics: Daikin

The heatsink is not working properly

The heatsink is like the lung of the air conditioner, it is the part that helps to transport hot air from the room to the outside environment, reducing the heat of the outdoor unit. Poor heat dissipation causes the outdoor unit to overheat, which over time will be easily damaged.

Increasing the heat dissipation area is one way to increase the life of the machine. For example, Daikin uses a Microchannel array, flattening the heat pipes, thereby improving air flow and increasing heat transfer efficiency. Microchannel is a device that has long been used in cars and motorcycles.

Common problems in outdoor units reduce the life of the air conditioner - Photo 5.

Compare two types of heat exchangers. Graphics: Daikin

Most consumers install outdoor units, so the radiators are susceptible to expansion due to temperature changes and oxidation by the humid atmosphere. Refrigeration experts recommend that when buying an air conditioner, you should choose a radiator made from materials that are resistant to corrosion before the impact of the environment to increase the life of the device.

Founded in 1924 in Japan, Daikin specializes in air conditioning solutions for industrial, commercial and residential. To maintain its leading position in the world, the group continuously improves technology to meet the increasing demands of consumers. According to Betsac data in 2020, Daikin is the leading air conditioner brand in the world.

In Vietnam, Daikin has been voted “Excellent Air Conditioner Brand” for 3 consecutive years (2019-2021) at the Tech Awards thanks to its advantages in technology and price. In addition, the group also won the “High energy efficiency air conditioner brand” award for 2 consecutive years (2020-2021) organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Readers access here to refer to Daikin Eshop online sales page.

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