Courier business opens the door to the future through technological innovation

It is the rapid updates in technology that are one of the important factors for this success. And Vietnam is no exception to that trend.

Rapid advances in technology in recent years as well as the Covid-19 pandemic have created a strong shift from the trend of direct to online shopping among customers on a global scale. In particular, technology acts as a “vitamin” to help express delivery businesses “increase resistance” to fierce market competition and improve customer experience.

At the discussion on “Creativity in delivery and benefits for customers” in the “Red Guide” series of seminars organized by J&T Express, Mr. Do Huu Hung – General Director of affiliate marketing platform ACCESSTRADE Vietnam “Enterprises in the market have begun to follow the trend of applying technology platforms to business models, typically AI (artificial intelligence) to solve the problem of optimizing user experience. “. For example, the launch of an artificial intelligence platform in the US that helps predict weather or traffic conditions has contributed to limiting factors that cause delays in the delivery process. Some Asian countries such as Singapore, China, Japan… also promote delivery by robots or self-driving vehicles to save costs and time in handling goods. According to estimates by McKinsey, self-driving delivery services will provide up to 78% of items globally in the future, helping businesses meet the growth rate of parcel output and demand. The demand for online shopping is increasing day by day.

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Technological developments have dramatically changed the face of the express delivery industry

With flexibility and creativity, enterprises in the industry in Vietnam are also not out of the game, with an estimated amount of investment in technology reaching tens of millions of dollars. In order to maintain a competitive advantage and improve service quality, the J&T Express brand – Courier Delivery is always flexible in applying modern technologies in operation. In Vietnam, J&T Express has just put into operation a new transit center (TTTC) in Cu Chi with a series of equipment invested with advanced technology.

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J&T Express’s newly inaugurated TTTC sets new standards for infrastructure investment in the industry

Incoming goods at TTTC are classified efficiently thanks to the DWS system with inspection layers that integrate automatic barcode scanning technology, weight and size. In addition, TTTC is also equipped with advanced e-logistics equipment to ensure accurate classification of goods. In particular, can mention the automatic goods sorting matrix system, the automatic 2-stage crossbelt line system with a capacity of 10 times higher than manual handling. It is estimated that the application of technology and automation at Cu Chi TTTC can help J&T Express reduce its workforce by 30-40%, and at the same time, improve the speed of goods handling with more than 2 million packages. large and small types every day with almost absolute accuracy.

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J&T Express’s TTTC in Cu Chi has the capacity to handle more than 2 million packages per day with high accuracy and fast speed.

During the 4-year journey to conquer the Vietnamese market, J&T Express has had many impressive activities to bring the best benefits to consumers, partners and customers such as Red Campaign, “Only Led Do” supports online sellers in starting an online business or shaking hands with “big guys” such as UPOS, Haravan, Pancake… The commissioning of a new TTTC with an area of ​​nearly 60,000 square meters in Cu Chi has made once again affirming the efforts of this brand in proactively capturing and meeting the increasing shopping needs of the market in the future.

If technology is considered as a “key” to open the door to access a rapidly growing market in the future, J&T Express has made great efforts in taking the lead in holding this key factor. At the same time, this also shows the company’s long-term commitment and sustainable development in the Vietnamese market.

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