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Delicious fish sauce but “great cavalry” with 3 groups of people

Fish sauce is the soul of Vietnamese cuisine, because to create any delicious dish we cannot do without this spice. Not only that, the cup of fish sauce in the middle of the tray of rice also shows a rich and different cuisine.

However, the amount of salt in fish sauce is relatively high. Statistics show that in 100g of fish sauce contains about 7,720mg of sodium. Consuming too much sodium can cause high blood pressure, damage the stomach, cause cardiovascular diseases…


Fish sauce is delicious and bold, but not everyone is suitable for use. According to health experts, there are the following 3 groups of people who should not use fish sauce, whether in seasoning or dipping food, lest “accidentalize the body”.

Fish sauce is delicious but 3 groups of people should avoid eating it

1. Children under one year old

Doctor Doan Thi Tuong Vi (Former Head of Nutrition Department, Hospital 198) warns infants under 1 year old not to use fish sauce. The reason is because the newborn’s kidneys are still quite immature and incomplete, so they are not suitable for the saltiness of fish sauce. In addition, parents should not let their children use products that have a flavor-modifying effect such as noodles, seasoning seeds.

2. People with kidney disease, heart disease

Fish sauce contains a very high salt content, which is extremely dangerous to the health of patients with cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, kidney failure, etc. and will make the health of this group of people worse.

Worth mentioning, when blood pressure is high, eating salty foods can make patients feel dizzy, dizzy, lightheaded and can cause unfortunate complications.


Fish sauce contains a very high salt content, which is extremely dangerous to the health of patients with heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney failure…

People with the above disease must have a salt diet. In addition, these patients must abstain from foods high in salt such as soy sauce, shrimp paste…

3. Diabetics

Dr. Dao Thi Yen Phi (Head of the Department of Nutrition – Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University) warned that people with diabetes will often be accompanied by increased cholesterol, dyslipidemia, and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, this group of people need to control the amount of energy absorbed into the body and eat as lightly as possible. Salt, fish sauce and sodium-rich spices such as seasoning powder, soup powder… should not be used.

Important note when using fish sauce

– The National Institute of Nutrition instructs that each healthy person can use 26g of fish sauce per day. Those who are sick should eat fish sauce as directed by the doctor.

– Do not cook fish sauce for too long because the taste of the fish will be lost, and the vitamins in the fish sauce will evaporate, wasting nutrition.


Each healthy person can use 26g fish sauce per day.

– Only use natural fermented fish sauce and no added chemicals, with clear origin and origin. When buying, you should choose fish sauce with a strong salty taste but a strong aroma, with a sweet taste at the base of the tongue. If you see a lot of residue falling from the bottom of the bottle, it is a sign of salt precipitation and some other additives, should not be used.

– Sharing a bowl of fish sauce can be the cause of spreading HP bacteria (HP is considered the main cause of inflammation, peptic ulcer and stomach cancer). Therefore, each family member needs to have their own bowl of dot.

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