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Documentary – Christiania a free life – 2013 – VOSTFR

➽ Discover the Danish utopian city in an authentic documentary ➽ There is an atypical example of an alternative community in Denmark. It all started in 1971 when a group of young people decided to move to an old, disused military base in the heart of Copenhagen. Gradually the organization developed and a collective society took shape. That’s how Christiana started. ➽ This alternative community proposes a new model of society based on solidarity and freedom. Christiania welcomes people of all geographical and social backgrounds and is also a place of artistic creativity. Every individual, musicians, painters and original architects, takes part in the development of the community. ➽ Residents, aware of the social problems of modern civilization, experience a new way of life that strives for respect for the environment and returns to the basic principles of democracy. This documentary also reveals problems within the Christians: they had to buy back the land from the Danish government and face the problems related to the free use of drugs on Pusher Street. Through this testimony, they show us that their project is a daily struggle, but also a necessary space of freedom. ➽ After the controversy surrounding the possible dismantling of Christiania, this film was released in 2013. ➽ The director testifies to this unusual social experience that allows its main protagonists such as Copenhagen police chief Per Larsen, TV journalist Christiana Tanja Bjørn, Zabell or the alternative musician Joker to express themselves. ➽ Christiania: a free way of life, with its original soundtrack and photography, invites the viewer to get an idea of ​​what this Danish community stands for. This enables a new perspective on the issues of the 21st century. ➽ The documentary was selected for the Medimed Festival 2016 and screened at the Cinéma Etoile in Lille and the preview was at Instants Chavirés in Paris in 2013. ➽ Direction and editing: JBach Music: Sébastien ARCOS Photography: Céline FERNBACH Sound: Antonin CHARREL Interview assistant: Guillaume HOSPOD Production assistant: Erwan WEYMEERSCH Translation and subtitles: Céline FERNBACH, Candice LESAGE and Antonin CHARREL ➽ More information on the French author JBach : www.jbach. fr


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