Domestic visitors increased sharply

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National tourist destinations are open to welcome visitors from the beginning of May, every day is more crowded. From the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam to the high mountains, the charming landscapes have all recorded positive signals. Mr. Bui Van Manh, Director of Ninh Binh Department of Tourism, said that domestic tourists increased week by week. “Trang An, Thung Nham are the most crowded destinations in Ninh Binh today. The good thing is that guests are spread evenly throughout the week instead of just gathering at the weekend like before,” Mr. Manh said.

Da Nang tourist areas and entertainment spots open simultaneously, marking the peak season for tourism to the beautiful coastal city. The city and businesses have restarted, renewed and added a lot of tourism products to serve visitors from morning to night such as My An night beach, An Thuong tourist street, street dance, market Nights, art performances, Ba Na Hill, Asia Park… Da Nang also focuses on exploiting official delegations, because these groups come with the number of hundreds and thousands of people, staying in hotels. long-lasting luxury. On June 1, Da Nang welcomed a delegation of more than 1,000 people to attend the conference at a coastal resort.

Da Nang also promotes tourism products and services, stimulus packages, and the city’s summer events program in other provinces to attract domestic tourists. Mr. Nguyen Duc Quynh, Chairman of Da Nang Hotel Association, said that Danang’s room capacity is currently about 60%, higher on weekends. With the fact that international visitors are still sporadic, this is also a remarkable number. Mr. Cao Tri Dung, Chairman of Da Nang Tourism Association, considers that domestic tourists are the mainstay of Danang tourism at this time.

  Peak tourist season: Domestic tourists increase sharply - Photo 1.

Domestic visitors increased strongly again Photo: THANH TRAN

On major holidays and early summer like today, Da Lat often has drizzle, wet and cold. But the line of people is crowded, jostling each other like a festival, there is almost no space left in the Da Lat night market. “In the coming months, tourism products such as convalescence, green tourism, ecotourism, medical treatment and health care will increase. This is forecasted to be the tourist market with the fastest recovery speed, Da Lat has a lot of potential to develop these types of tourism. On the other hand, Da Lat attracts young people with adventure sports tourism products such as waterfall skiing, SUP rowing, slides, trekking on the most beautiful routes in Vietnam”, said Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc, Deputy Director Lam Dong Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism shared.

Many special tassels, interesting

Music tourism has recently become a popular trend. Uong Thai Bieu, a poet and cultural critic, said that the new trend of tourism combined with music is booming in Da Lat. Previously, Da Lat was the land of art, the birthplace of many musical groups, many big names such as Pham Duy, Trinh Cong Son, Le Uyen Phuong… Recently, many famous singers of the trends Contemporary music chooses stages that are close and in harmony with Dalat’s nature to carry out programs that attract a large number of public, especially young people. Da Lat is an urban center in the midst of nature, always awakening in people’s emotions moods, nostalgia and spreading passions and connections.

Tourism is vibrant again, but travel, tourism and service businesses are also entangled. Mr. Dinh Hien Chou, executive director of Phu Quoc Today Travel, said that 80% of visitors to Phu Quoc are Vietnamese, mainly from Hanoi, Nghe An, Thanh Hoa… Due to the increasing number of domestic tourists, most of them most tourism business establishments in Phu Quoc area have difficulties in human resources (guides); The service provided for cars and motorbikes has not been met…”. Nhat Huy

The change in visitor habits has prompted businesses to make new products more attractive, including designing tours that combine music, watching fashion shows. Mr. Lai Minh Duy, Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director of TSTtourist said: “This is a completely new experience, where tourists not only immerse themselves in nature and experience high-class services in Phu Quoc. After two years of the epidemic, we realize that the way customers travel now is not only on time to eat, on time to go, on time to rest. Customers want a real experience, we boldly refuse the services that make guests tired and constrained, so that they can truly enjoy.

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Experience an attractive helicopter tour Photo: PHAM NGUYEN

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Bobla Waterfall-one of the attractive destinations in Da Lat Photo: KIM ANH

In the music tour product in Phu Quoc Sun Memory Music Experience Journey, visitors can not only arrive on C-class flights, on-demand shuttle bus, but also experience yacht products in Vietnam. Phu Quoc, watch the sunrise or sunset in a private space. Guests can also choose their own scheduled meal and break times, and enjoy the thrill of uplifting music in a luxurious art space. Director Long Kan – who designed the fashion show on this tour – confirmed that the music tour in the world is very popular and successful. Tourists around the world have flocked to Korea to watch K-pop shows or to London (UK) to look forward to shows in the famous theater here.

Nguyen Thi Anh Hoa, Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism, said that in the process of preparing to welcome back tourists, the city’s tourism determined to raise the bar and “change new clothes” for attractions and destinations to gradually improve the quality of life. forming a high-class tourism value chain to attract domestic and international tourists. In particular, the city chooses a variety of perspectives to approach making products from road, on river to high altitude to have featured products such as “helicopter view of the city from above”, cruise “viewing the city from above”. Sunset on the Saigon River…”.

“We have traditional tours like cycling, road, river bus, and helicopter tour. With the helicopter tour, we have the support from the city leader, the Ministry of Defense. In the near future, we will have more tourist routes by Metro train. We exploit the difference with the localities, from the new difference to increase the attractiveness when we link the region, link the route, there are more options for visitors. Cruises on the Saigon River are one of the differences”, Ms. Hoa analyzed.


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