Free up to 13 million VND when trading foreign currencies online with HDBank

Optimizing the entire complicated process of normal foreign currency trading, saving time and resources, many exchange rate incentives, maximum safety and security, online foreign currency transaction utility on the Internet Banking channel of HDBank is a practical solution to help businesses confidently in the process of international trade.

Individual customers also avoid the risk of making unorthodox foreign currency transactions for purposes such as studying abroad, settling down, and subsidizing relatives abroad. Thanks to that, the product has been highly appreciated by many individual and corporate customers over the past time.

This technology-driven financial solution is more attractive than ever when HDBank launched 2 extremely hot incentive programs for customers who transact foreign currencies online on Internet Banking with attractive bonuses up to 13 million dong.

Specifically, participating in the promotion program “Transactions at home – Offer for the whole family”, when conducting foreign currency transactions online until the end of June 30, 2022, individual customers will receive a bonus level up to up to 1 million. The bonus will be added directly to the client’s account.

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At the same time, corporate customers will enjoy a fee incentive package with a bonus value of up to 3 million VND when buying and selling foreign currencies via Internet Banking within the framework of the program “Online transactions – Extremely high offers”, which takes place at the same time. out until June 30, 2022.

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In particular, businesses opening an account at HDBank for the first time only need to make a foreign currency transaction with a value of more than 10 thousand USD in 01 month to receive the above fee incentive package.

Thus, if combined with the current program of preferential fee packages of up to 10 million VND for businesses opening an account for the first time, which is currently being implemented by HDBank, new customers will have the opportunity to receive a preferential fee package of up to 13 million VND. million dong.

The bonus package will be used to pay service fees incurred at the bank according to the preferential list such as services related to account transactions, cash management service fees, treasury service fees, international money transfer fees and trade finance.

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As one of the leading banks in the market in the digitalization race, HDBank continuously builds and develops digital products and services on Internet Banking and HDBank App, providing a modern, informed digital financial experience. Smart and user-friendly, in line with the development strategy of Happy Digital Bank – Happy Digital Bank. HDBank aims to increase the rate of digital transactions to 90% by 2025.

For more information about online foreign currency trading applications and current offers, please visit website hdbank.com.vn or hotline 1900 6060.

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