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“Haunted” Island – Where believers love to move recklessly, “ghost hunters” are ready to bet their health

A rare tour to the “haunted” island of Poveglia in April 2016. (Video: YouTube)

Terrified with the place called the island “haunted“Earth best

But there are always believers who like to move recklessly, “ghost hunters” who are willing to bet their health and even their lives to get an experience like no other. The most notorious in the Top 5 “no-go” tourist areas that are being searched a lot recently, according to the Guardian newspaper, is the “haunted” island of Poveglia in northern Italy.


The beauty of the “northern Italian paradise” of the “haunted” island of Poveglia. (Photo: Steve Ronin)

Poveglia is a small island in the Venetian Lagoon (Venetian lagoon – an enclosed bay of the Adriatic Sea), located between Venice and Lido. The island of Poveglia was once inhabited until they had to flee the Chioggia War in 1379.

With clear blue water on the beaches, and the lush green landscape at the foot of the central church tower, Poveglia island makes those who come here feel like they are lost in a version of “regional paradise”. northern Italy”.

However, walking further into the island, a creepy feeling will surround visitors by the macabre desolation. Especially the scene of the medieval roofs, which were very beautiful, falling into the long abandoned psychiatric hospital rooms.

photo 1654181502614 1654181502789525879732

The film crew interviewed historian Federico Moro on the “haunted” island of Poveglia, while filming Poveglia Island – episode 3 (in 2009), part 3 of the show Ghost Adventures. (Photo: travelchannel)

It is rumored that the ghosts of Black Death victims, war victims, and even the ghost of a doctor (who jumped from the bell tower of the church of San Vitale around the 1930s, after being told that he had a ” haunted” drives crazy) still returns to haunt the island of Poveglia.

To explain this, Traveltomorrow.com on October 20, 2021 published an article by author Federica Cistellini analyzing: With a long and complicated history, during many years Poveglia island has been used for different purposes such as: military outpost during the Chioggia War between Venice and Genoa (1378-1381); A place of isolation for patients with plague and other infectious diseases, with about 160,000 people dying during the Black Death (the Black Death – a pandemic believed to be caused by an outbreak of bubonic plague in the 14th century) and became the 20th century psychiatric hospital.

photo 1654181506806 1654181506911188918767

The Ghost Adventures crew was stuck on a “haunted” island for 24 hours. (Photo: travelchannel)

After the mental hospital closed in 1968, the island of Poveglia has been abandoned ever since. Today there is no boat to get to the island”haunted“, but many people including “ghost hunters” and curious tourists still approach this tourist “no-go” to challenge themselves with the mystery behind the “haunted” rumor.

The “haunted” island of Poveglia appears quite often in Paranormal Shows (reality TV shows that document investigations of the paranormal) such as Ghost Adventures, Scariest Places on Earth (The the scariest place on Earth”…


The island of Poveglia has long been known as one of the most “haunted” places on Earth. (Photo: traveltomorrow)

And despite being a “no-go” for tourism, “ghost hunters” and curious visitors are still offered special tours for a one-of-a-kind experience with the “haunted” island of Poveglia.

Four other places in the Top 5 “forbidden places” for tourism

Also according to the Guardian newspaper, these travel “no-go zones” are very different, including:


The “forbidden land” of tourism – North Sentinel Island, is very dangerous for anyone trying to approach. (Photo: Onedio)

“Forbidden” tourism – North Sentinel Island of the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal, patrolled by the Indian Navy. This is the homeland of the Sentinelese Aboriginal people – who deny all contact with the outside world, so it is very dangerous for anyone who tries to approach them.

photo 1654181520074 1654181520243545560440

Snake Island with a terrifying “population” distribution – 1 snake per about 1 square meter. (Photo: Honest To Paws)

“Forbidden” to travel to Snake Island: Located off the coast of Brazil, Snake Island is famous for its “population” of about 430,000 snakes, including the extremely venomous Bothrops Insularis (golden spear-headed viper).

photo 1654181524160 1654181524528335884187

Svalbard Global Seed Vault is a heavily guarded facility, with only a few employees allowed in or out. (Photo: Pinterest)

“Forbidden” tourism Svalbard Global Seed Vault: This global seed vault on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen is the place to protect and store the most important plant species, should the so-called “Doomsday” happen.

photo 1654181527525 16541815276881999916923

Around Area 51 (Area 51) is a popular tourist spot with “alien” enthusiasts. (Photo: travelnevada)

“Forbidden area” tourism Area 51: Area 51 (Area 51) is a top secret facility of the United States Air Force (USAF), located in the state of Nevada, USA. Access to Area 51 is completely prohibited.

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