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How does sleep help muscles grow?

Sleep plays a very important role for humans. It not only helps the body rest and recharge, but also performs a number of other functions. For gym goers, not getting enough sleep will make it difficult for muscles to develop well.

Sleep not only allows them to rest physically and mentally, but also helps the body strong, prevent disease. During sleep, the brain will also process the memories and thoughts of the day just passed health Medical News Today (Older brother).

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Sleep plays a very important role in muscle recovery and growth


Sleep is essential for everyone, even more so for athletes. A good night’s sleep can help improve movement speed, accuracy, and reaction time. According to the non-profit Cleveland Clinic (USA), sleep is also very important for sports requires endurance like running or cycling.

Although sleep plays an important role in sports, experts say many people still do not get enough sleep. A professional athlete needs 8.3 hours of sleep a day. However, a study published in the journal Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance Again, up to 71% of athletes in the study did not get 8.3 hours of sleep per night.

Get enough sleep This will help your muscles recover and grow well. When you sleep, your body releases growth hormone (HGH). This hormone is released when we go into deep sleep, has the effect of repairing and growing tissues in the body, including muscle tissue. HGH also helps burn fat and maintain metabolism.

Repairing damage to muscle tissue plays an integral role in muscle growth. Lift the weight will cause microscopic tears in the muscle fibers. At that time, the body will repair and restore these tears, helping to increase muscle mass.

Without enough sleep, the body will not secrete growth hormone, muscle mass will not be able to recover and develop well. When waking up, people who do not get enough sleep also feel tired, sleepy and prone to injury when exercising, according to Medical News Today.

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