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Huawei Launches Next Generation Data Center

According to Charles Yang, Senior Vice President of Huawei and CEO of Huawei Data Center Facility Team, four characteristics of next-generation data center facilities These include: Environmental Sustainability, Simplified Integration, Automated Operation, and Reliable Safety.

Environmental sustainability: Next-generation data center facilities operate green and save energy, while maximizing the recycling of the materials used. In this way, the overall data center ecosystem will be environmentally friendly and sustainable. These sustainable data centers utilize green resources from electricity, land, water and recycle used materials as much as possible throughout their lifecycle.

Simplified integration: Simplified architecture, power supplies, and cooling represent the growth direction of the data center facility. Simple architecture brings innovative designs to buildings and equipment rooms. The use of prefabricated (prefabricated) modules to build the 1000-rack data center reduced the construction time from over 18 months to 6-9 months. Simplifying power sourcing helps reshape components and interconnections, shortening delivery times from 2 months to 2 weeks. Simplifying the cooling system optimizes heat exchange efficiency, by combining multiple heat exchangers into one as well as shortening the cooling link.

Automatic operation: O&M automation, performance optimization, and self-operation reshape the way data center operations and maintenance are managed. O&M automation allows engineers to remotely complete a check of 2,000 shelves in 5 minutes. Optimizing performance means that the optimal cooling system can go through 1.4 million combined algorithms within 1 minute, to provide the most optimal cooling method, helping the system to cool intelligently. Automated operations will help maximize the value of resources.

Reliable safety: Active security and secure architecture help data centers ensure high quality and sustainability. Proactive security means using big data and artificial intelligence (AI) to predict maintenance needs from components to the data center, based on visibility. visibility and awareness of all within the data center. Automatic error response will only take 01 minute to detect the error, 03 minutes to analyze and 05 minutes to recover. Secure architecture increases security at various levels from components, devices to systems. At the system level, the E2E platform is intuitive, easy to manage and control, resulting in 99.999% system availability.

Huawei launches the next-generation Data Center - Photo 1.

New generation PowerPod 3.0 . power supply system

Also at the Launch Ceremony, Mr. Fei Zhenfu, Chief Technology Officer of Huawei Data Center Facility Team (Huawei Data Center Facility Team) also announced the launch of a new generation of power supply system called PowerPOD 3.0. This system reduces emissions by 40%, reduces energy consumption by 70%, shortens delivery time from 2 months to 2 weeks and reduces SLA error rate to 38%.

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