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Is it the right way to put a finger in the mouth to save the man having a seizure?

On June 2, the Guards Command (Ministry of Public Security) confirmed that two soldiers of the unit while on duty at the flagpole guard station in front of the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Sergeant Hoang Van Nguyen, from the Ministry of Public Security. The Guard Commander suddenly heard a cry for help from the sidewalk south of Hung Vuong Street. Nguyen immediately ran back and reported to the Command Center to call an ambulance.

When he arrived, he discovered that the victim was Mr. Qu. having a temper tantrum convulsions strong and unconscious. Without hesitation, Sergeant Hoang Van Nguyen used his hand to pry Mr. Qu’s teeth. to avoid being bitten on the tongue, which is life-threatening.

At the same time, Senior Lieutenant Tran Dinh Dat also ran to support. 15 minutes later, the ambulance of 115 Emergency Center came to take Mr. Q to Saint Paul General Hospital for emergency.

Is it the right way to put a finger in the mouth to save the man having a seizure?  - Photo 1.

The life-saving action of the police officer caused a sensation in the online community

This is not the first case of police soldiers saving people when having a convulsion. Earlier in 2019, the social network shared an image of a mobile soldier “compressing” painfully stuffing his finger into the mouth of a child with fever convulsion at Thien Truong Stadium, Nam Dinh.

The incident took place while the ball game was taking place when a young fan showed signs of convulsion. In that critical moment, a mobile policeman used his pained hand to prevent the child from biting his tongue.

Both photos received much praise and admiration from the public. Because this is a beautiful act of the people’s police officers.

However, from a medical perspective, first aid for people having a convulsion also needs to keep in mind the following points. Because according to folklore, when a child has a convulsion, they should put a spoon, a towel or even a finger in their mouth to prevent people from having a convulsion on the tongue, but according to doctors, this can be dangerous. can obstruct the airway.

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dong Van He, Deputy Director of Viet Duc Hospital, when epileptic patients have a convulsion, it is best for the patient to lie in the safest and most comfortable position, for example lying on a flat floor; If the patient shakes his head too much, rest his head on a soft pillow or soft object, do not let his head hit the floor, risk of injury.

If the patient is wearing a scarf or tie, remove it immediately from the neck to make it easier for the patient to breathe.

“Absolutely not to put spoons, chopsticks … into the patient’s mouth because of the view that doing so will prevent the patient from biting the tongue” – Assoc.Prof.Dr Dong Van The recommended.

Meanwhile, according to specialist doctor 2 Huynh Thanh Hien, Head of T3 Department, Ho Chi Minh City Psychiatric Hospital: “When you see a person having a seizure (generalized epileptic seizure), the best attitude is… Just watch and don’t interfere. The convulsion will go away on its own in 30 seconds to 1 minute.”

Dr. Hien said: The convulsion will go through 4 stages: spasms, convulsions, apnea and coma. Most importantly, after the convulsion phase, the patient can breathe on his own or not; Very rare cases of apnea, only then need intervention (artificial respiration). When the patient is in a seizure, intervention not only does not help, but sometimes harms.

The fact that when having a convulsion, the patient can bite his own tongue, endangering his life, according to doctors, it is just a “legend” from the point of view of folklore and there is absolutely no such case.

“Normally the tongue fits in the dental arch. During convulsions, only slight scratches on the edge of the tongue and inner surface may occur. These scratches will go away on their own after a few days. The patient had a convulsion and could not bite off his tongue,” said Dr. Hien.

Properly manage a patient with a seizure:

According to Dr. Hien, when a patient has a convulsion, first aid should: Observe whether the patient can breathe on his own after the convulsion or not? If the patient cannot breathe (this is very rare), then it is necessary to intervene by artificial respiration.

If after 2-3 minutes the convulsion continues, the patient should be taken to the hospital.

Wait for the patient to regain consciousness (after the coma stage) ask the patient if there is a history of epilepsy, whether they are being treated and advise the patient to go to a psychiatric hospital.

Stop bleeding (if any) due to a fall during a convulsion.

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