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Jeannie Mai shows off her daughter for the first time

AmericaVietnamese-origin MC Jeannie Mai first published the image of her first daughter, 5 months old.

On June 3, Jeannie Mai posted a series of photos and videos with her daughter on Instagram: “You will meet someone very special to me. Someone new born, radiant and fragrant.” The MC also made a vlog on his personal Youtube channel to introduce his daughter to fans and reveal the baby’s name is Monaco.

Jeannie Mai and daughter Monaco.  Photo: Jeannie Mai Youtube

Jeannie Mai and daughter Monaco. Image: Jeannie Mai Youtube

In September 2021, the Vietnamese-born MC revealed that she was pregnant with her first child with rapper Jeezy. She said she planned to have in vitro fertilization (IVF) after the wedding. However, when going to the hospital, the doctor informed Mai that she was pregnant in a natural way. MC gave birth to a daughter in January but did not reveal her name and gender.

Jeezy and Jeannie Mai know each other through the program The Real led by Mai, secretly dating in January 2019. The two publicly announced their love story in August of the same year, when they first matched at an event in the US. At the end of March 2020, Jeezy proposed and was approved by his girlfriend. He invites her to his home in Los Angeles, cooks dinner with Vietnamese dishes himself, before asking.

Rapper Jeezy (right) with his daughter.  Photo: Jeannie Mai Youtube

Rapper Jeezy (right) with his daughter. Image: Jeannie Mai Youtube

Jeannie Mai was born in 1979 in California, to a Vietnamese mother. She is famous for hosting fashion shows like How Do I Look? on Channel Style, The Real of the radio NBC or behind the scenes of Miss Universe 2011. From the age of nine, she was sexually abused by her cousin for four years and suffered from Stockholm syndrome – a psychological state that changed from fear, hatred to sympathy for the harm. me. She married actor Freddy Harteis in 2007 and divorced a year later.

Jeezy, born in 1977, is a famous American rapper with record sales of more than five million copies and three chart-topping albums. Billboard 200. He is famous for his songs Love In This Club (singing with Usher), Put On(with Kanye West) or Hard (featuring Rihanna). Besides music, Jeezy regularly organizes charity and community activities. In 2004, he founded the Street Dreamz fund – supporting youth education in the city of Atlanta (USA).

Jeannie Mai and her mother taught how to eat pho in America.  Videos: Youtube.

Jeannie Mai and her mother went to eat pho in the US. Video: Jeannie Mai Youtube

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