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Khanh Hoa prevents the situation of donating land for road construction

Khanh Hoa issued a decision to stop allocating the area to open a common path, for common use when carrying out procedures for dividing and separating land plots to prevent illegal subdivision and sale of plots in the past time.

On June 2, the Land Registry Office of Khanh Hoa province sent a document to the branch offices of land registration offices in districts, towns and cities requesting to temporarily stop allocating the area to open a common path (donating land for land use). road), for common use when dividing and dividing land parcels, until a new decision is made.

This move is to tighten land management, prevent plot division, purchase, sale and transfer transactions in contravention of regulations.

Recently, many localities in Khanh Hoa appeared subdivision, selling rampant background. In some areas, people are said to use the trick of “donating land to open the way” when carrying out the procedure to separate the plot, then sell the ground to create residential areas but the current condition of the road is about 3m wide. This leads to consequences of disrupting traffic and infrastructure planning.

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A plot of land in Suoi Tien commune, Dien Khanh district, Khanh Hoa, which was originally a land for growing crops, was subdivided and opened for sale.

In Cam Lam district, when a large corporation wants to invest in a large urban area, a series of advertising signs, posters for sale of land, consulting services, and real estate brokers spring up in the district center. In these places, there are always many people on duty ready to sell and introduce to customers about the plots of land for sale.

Along Thuy Trieu lagoon in Cam Duc town and Cam Hai Tay commune area, many areas, which used to be land for aquaculture and mango cultivation, have been leveled to get the ground, paved the way between plots and then put up for sale. .

Besides, Dien Khanh district also fell into a similar situation. Recently, when the information of this district was established as a town, real estate trading activities took place wildly. In Suoi Hiep, Suoi Tien, Dien Dong communes…, many areas do not have existing roads, but landowners use the trick of “donating land to build roads” and then apply for registration of separation procedures, then subdivide lots for sale.

Not only the above two localities, in Nha Trang city, there are also subdivision areas, selling plots, concentrated in suburban communes. According to the city’s report, there are many areas, although suitable for residential land planning, people then divide the plots, sell the plots, then form new residential clusters, and are issued with red books. However, these areas do not have a detailed 1/500 plan. The reason is said to be that the Nha Trang City Representative Office, when issuing red books to people in the above areas, did not comply with the regulations on the minimum area to be divided. Therefore, the areas where the division of plots and parcels is carried out must have a plot division plan and a traffic plan approved by the Chairman of the district-level People’s Committee.

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