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"Koltafa of Germany"….@Donkey Tube @Comedian Eshetu- Official Video

“የጀርመኗ ኮልታፋ” …. @Donkey Tube @Comedian Eshetu- OFFICIAL 2022 #dinqlejoch #dinklejoch The show titled with a conversation with moppets, through the show they show how the elders make mistakes for the coming and existing generations. Also, with their amazing words and expressions, these interviewees will tell the presenter Eshetu Melese the truth about existing humanity. The point of the show is to have these interviewees speak about peace, unity, nature and global warming, observing and speaking in their own perspective and language. #eshetumelese #donkeytube #dinklejoch #dinqlejoch #comedianeshetu Follow us on: / Join this channel to get access to benefits: is strictly forbidden Copyright ©2022 Donkey Tube Other related videos ========= =========== አንድ ብር ልመና ወጣን ! ቤት አላከራይም አሉኝ !


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