Liver Hi . Hydrolyzed Protein Transfer

Hataphar Healthcare Vietnam high-tech pharmaceutical joint stock company has cooperated with Japan ILS INC Company to organize the signing ceremony of “Exclusive use of Liver Hi protein hydrolyzate by enzymatic hydrolysis technology” with the presence of Assoc. TS.BS Nguyen Thi Lam, Former Deputy Director of the National Institute of Nutrition and a large team of pharmacists and experts from large pharmaceutical companies and drugstores across the country.

The transfer of Liver Hi hydrolyzed protein raw materials is considered a breakthrough in the development of health care product lines of Hataphar Healthcare Vietnam High-tech Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company in particular and in the field of health care. public health in Vietnam in general.

10 years of developing high quality hydrolyzed protein source

Inheriting nearly 60 years of experience in healthcare, Hataphar Healthcare Hi-tech Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company is constantly researching and developing quality products, taking care of and protecting the health of consumers. use Vietnamese.

Understanding the needs and role of protein for patients who need to recover quickly, the company has pioneered in the development and distribution of nutritional protein products applying hydrolysis technology in Vietnam.

Bosugold hydrolyzed protein distributed by Hataphar Healthcare is the first nutritional protein product manufactured using hydrolyzed protein technology in Vietnam. Up to now, Bosugold has 8 years of carrying out the mission of accompanying and taking care of health for millions of Vietnamese families.

Recently, Bosugold also supported the doctors and nurses at Hanoi Lung Hospital, Central Hospital of Endocrinology,… and accompanied patients with COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 through the program. Sponsorship program “Together with Bosugold – Optimism overcomes COVID-19”.

With the goal of constantly improving product quality, Hataphar Healthcare spent many years evaluating and finding the source of Liver Hi hydrolyzed protein from Japan. Realizing that this is a research project of high value for public health, CNC pharmaceutical company Hatarphar Heathcare quickly agreed with ILS INC Company in Japan to exclusively transfer this source of raw materials to serve the needs of the public. noble mission for the health of Vietnamese people.

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Liver Hi hydrolyzed protein – a step forward in serving public health

Loved and trusted in the fastidious Japanese market, Liver Hi hydrolyzed protein is a high-quality protein source with many outstanding advantages such as:

  • Produced by standardized enzymatic hydrolysis technology to keep the nutritional value intact, without changing the active ingredients.
  • Provides 18 amino acids containing essential amino acids, bringing high care and protection to health, helping people recover faster after illness, after illness, and people with physical weakness thanks to sufficient protein sources.
  • Safe and can be used by people with milk protein allergies.
  • Anti-oxidant, anti-aging and enhance liver function.

Evaluation of Liver Hi hydrolyzed protein, Assoc. Prof. TS.BS Nguyen Thi Lam said: “Working in the field of nutrition for many years, interacting with many patients, I understand well the role of protein in the recovery of the patient’s health, especially for children and the elderly.

However, there are not many easy-to-absorb natural protein sources in Vietnam for people who need to strengthen and recover quickly. I have had the opportunity to research on plant-based hydrolyzed protein sources specifically from rice but actually the Liver Hi hydrolyzed protein source developed by ILS has a higher nutritional value.

Liver Hi hydrolysed protein developed by ILS is standardized and provides 18 amino acids (contains all essential amino acids) so it ensures output quality, effectiveness, safety on users and can be used for All people are allergic to milk protein.

Besides, Liver Hi protein also helps in anti-oxidant, anti-aging and enhances liver function. I believe that with what this protein source has done in Japan, this will be a reliable and natural source of nutrition for Vietnamese consumers.“.

Finding a source of high-quality protein Liver Hi is really a new step for Hataphar Healthcare on the journey of carrying out its mission of taking care and protecting the health of Vietnamese people.

Ha Tay CPDP Company & Hataphar Healthcare Company have researched and developed hydrolyzed protein product lines for over 10 years with many trusted products such as:

Bosugold live with the main ingredient is Hydrolyzed Liver Hi protein for people who are weak, tired, and need to supplement with easily absorbed hydrolysed protein, helping to strengthen and recover quickly.

Casamaxx with a comprehensive formula including organic Calcium, Liver Hi protein, collagen type 2, D3, K2. . cause constipation.

Bosukids is for children with anorexia, poor absorption and especially allergic to milk protein, also with the main ingredients are Liver Hi hydrolysed protein, betaglucan, vitamins & minerals to help the baby eat well and absorb nutrients. better nourished, healthier and less sick.

For any questions or product advice, please contact:

CPDP CNC Hataphar Healthcare Vietnam

Address: 80 Quang Trung, Ha Dong, Hanoi

Hotline: 1900886834

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/hataphar/

This food is not a medicine and is not a substitute for medicine.

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