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[LOL Replay]T1 vs. RNG Game4 Mid-Season Invitational Championship | The royal family made every effort to correct the red party’s BP, but the solution was found but not executed properly!

Any statements made in this film are for PLAYING the game only and never for personal attacks on players and teams. If you are uncomfortable, you can try keeping your voice low. Thank you “I do not want the video to be reposted to other platforms” —– For business inquiries, please contact Echo Entertainment🥰 👉🏻Company Mailbox or Agent Mailbox: [email protected]. tw 👉🏻Agents mailbox: VIVI: [email protected] Qinyu: yuyuchang@echoent. CYO: [email protected] — —- ►CYO Live Channel​​​​​​​ ►CYOFacebook​​​​ ►CYO Instagram


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