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LOL Surprise Eye Spy Series We open new boxes!

Sam and Sue received a secret package from HQ! Let’s open it up and see what’s inside. It’s LOL Surprise Under Wraps, LOL Surprise Pets, LOL Surprise Lil Sisters and LOL Surprise Fashion Crush! So we have some great research to do today! You are ready? 02:36 – First we open 5 Lil Sisters Surprises! In it we will find adorable characters, interesting accessories and surprises, as well as a secret message that can be solved using a special magnifying glass! These dolls are real fashionistas who belong to different clubs! We liked her very much! 10:33 – It’s time for LOL Surprise Pets! Adorable pets with awesome accessories are hidden inside! Scarves, bottles, fancy shoes! These seem to be the most elegant pets we’ve ever seen! Here we also find encrypted lyrics! What a mystery it all is! These pets, like their little lovers, have sticks. 16:56 – Next is LOL Surprise under the box! Again, we need our magic magnifying glass to decipher the message. LOL Surprise Under Wraps includes 15 surprises, binoculars, sticker with secret message, surprise codes, bottle, mystery costume, shoes, fashion accessory, outfit and LOL Surprise Under Laps doll! 21:46 – We open the latest fashion surprise LOL Fashion Crush! These packs hide trendy outfits for our beauties! We need to crush the glitter jelly to unwrap the dolls’ outfits and shoes. It contains elegant dresses, fashionable shoes and accessories. Great that you can mix and match outfits for different dolls! Now all our dolls are assembled! It was an interesting detective story! Do you like opening LOL dolls? Watch more interesting LOL videos on our channel! Subscribe to our channel to stay up to date with Sam and Su’s new adventures All product and company names shown in this video are Trademarks™ or Registered Trademarks® and belong to their respective owners. Their use does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them. Epidemic Sound Music: Archival Materials: OPENING SUBJECT Title: Cuckoo Source:


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