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LUNA 2.0 ‘landed in the field’ on the first day

As planned, the network blockchain Terra 2.0 was officially deployed in the early afternoon of May 28, and a series of cryptocurrency exchanges gradually implemented transactions with LUNA 2.0 tokens shortly after.

LUNA 2.0 token price “landing in the field”

At 3pm on May 28, Bybit cryptocurrency exchange started listing LUNA 2.0 tokens with a starting price of 0.5 USD. After that, a series of exchanges like Okek, Kraken or Kucoin also started to put LUNA 2.0 into trading on the same day, Huobi started to open trading from about 11am on May 29.

Going back to LUNA 2.0, within the first 20 minutes, the price suddenly increased 60 times, reaching a value of 30 USD/token. However, right after that, the price of LUNA 2.0 token went up and down “crazy” and it took about 18:30 to stabilize around 4-7 USD/token.

LUNA 2.0 'landed in the field' on the first day - photo 2

LUNA 2.0 token price fluctuates “crazy” on the first day of listing


Recorded at Bybit exchange on the evening of May 29, LUNA 2.0 token is priced at about 5.8 USD/token.

Some experts advise “don’t touch”

Faced with this situation, some experts in the field electronic money encryption immediately gives a warning of great risk in transactions with LUNA 2.0 coin at this time.

Posted on Social Network TwitterMr. Remi Tetot, head of research at GMI, warned that “buying LUNA 2.0 at this point is like playing a gamble with the potential to be very high”.

LUNA 2.0 'landed in the field' on the first day - photo 3

GMI’s head of research warns that LUNA 2.0 has huge potential risks

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At the same time, Mr. Remi advised investors to “wait a couple of weeks to see how the DApps perform”.

Unconfirmed market capitalization, some “list” exchanges are slow

Recorded on the evening of May 29 at CoinMarketCap (CMC), the market capitalization of LUNA 2.0 is around $1.2 billion. However, CMC at the same time, a warning that this data is provided by the Terra 2.0 project and the CMC team has not yet verified. Similarly, some other websites and exchanges like CoinGecko nice Kraken still putting a question mark or even “0.0 USD”.

LUNA 2.0 'landed in the field' on the first day - photo 4

Until 31.5, Binance will open spot trading pairs, deposit/withdrawal trading LUNA 2.0

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Aside from the unconfirmed market cap, several well-known crypto-currency exchanges are yet to open trading with LUNA 2.0. In which, FTX has not announced a specific time, and Binance did not announce until late evening of May 28 that the listing time for Terra 2.0 has been set on the afternoon of May 31, 2022 (Vietnam time).

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