Maika The girl from another planet invested 30 billion, earned 2 billion 8

“Maika – The Girl From Another Planet” earned only 2.8 billion VND. With a production cost of about 30 billion dong, the manufacturer is suffering heavy losses.

According to data of Box Office Vietnam, an independent box office observer, the revenue of Maika – The Girl From Another Planet After 7 days of release, it only reached VND 2.8 billion.

The film by director Ham Tran received good feedback from the media and experts in the early days of its release. But that still cannot make the work have a positive revenue.

According to a representative of a publisher, Maika with a production cost of about 30 billion VND. So with the current revenue, the film producer faces heavy losses.

Another Vietnamese film invested 30 billion dong, only earned 2.8 billion-1
The film by director Ham Tran was praised, but the revenue was not satisfactory.

So Maika is Vietnamese movies next Tuesday 578: Madman’s Shot and Third person had low sales in May.

The movie invested by Ly Nha Ky has only collected less than 1 billion VND. 578: Madman’s Shot revenue of 3.4 billion out of the total investment capital of 60 billion. Director Luong Dinh Dung has announced the withdrawal of the film from cinemas in the country.

The question is, will the audience turn away from Vietnamese films?

While the manufacturer’s representative of Maika Refusing to comment on low sales, Mr. Thai Duong, head of marketing at Lotte Cinema, said:In terms of the market, Maika debuted at the same time as other foreign films like Doraemon: Nobita and the mini space war 2021.

Compared to the Doraemon brand, with an audience, Maika is worse off. But the important thing affecting the current movie theater’s revenue is that the audience tightens spending, especially spending on entertainment at a time when prices are high and inflation affects people’s lives.“.

He stated the fact that the audience currently going to theaters only reached about 70% compared to the pre-epidemic period (in 2019).

Not only that, the audience also chooses movies to buy tickets. They hesitated, choosing one movie instead of watching many movies as before. Therefore, if a movie is good, has effects, that movie has good sales. In contrast, the rest of the movies sold out.

For example, when Doctor Strange came out, the audience mostly chose this movie. The other movie theaters were mostly deserted. It is true that income and difficulties after the pandemic have affected cinemas“, said Mr. Duong.

He also affirmed that Vietnamese films are always supported by cinema clusters in terms of showings and showtimes at the time of their premiere. Specifically, movies with a limited number of guests are still assigned prime hour slots.

Mr. Duong added: “When a movie loses, there are always many reasons. As for cinemas, I think they can support Vietnamese movies. In my opinion, a movie does not have good sales because it has not really reached the majority of the audience. Audiences are now fastidious, they only choose movies that suit their tastes and preferences“.

According to Zing

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