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My husband let go of my parents and children

Everyone who looks at it also judges that my family is happy with a gentle husband, loving children, a good wife, it’s all just appearance.

I am 42 years old, married for 13 years, have two young daughters. Now my husband has disappeared, leaving a debt of more than two billion dong for my mother and children, while I don’t know anything. Perhaps my mistake is that I am too good at taking care of my family, children, taking care of all the expenses in the family, my husband does not need to be responsible for taking care of the economy.

I always think that my husband has a lower income, so I don’t need his support. One day my husband sent me a suicide note, saying he owed too much, couldn’t afford to pay and had to go. Then there was a series of days when my mother and I were claimed by creditors. Her husband and her whole family escaped. Me and two young children are trying to overcome the current difficulties, looking forward to sharing with you.


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