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Nearly 240 students have allergies after boarding meals

Ho Chi Minh CityMany students in grades 4 and 5 at Tan Huong Primary School, Tan Phu district have symptoms of itching after eating sour soup at noon on June 3.

Ms. Le Thi Thanh Thuy, Principal of Tan Huong Primary School, said that 238 out of 1,000 students had food allergies after a half-boarding lunch. Among these, mainly students in grades 4-5, some students in grades 1-3.

According to Ms. Thuy, after a few minutes of eating, some children reported having numbness in their lips, itchy throat and tongue. The administrators immediately let the children stop eating and informed the medical station to check their health. The initial cause was determined because the children were allergic to mint sour soup.

Trinh Duy Trong, Head of the Politics and Thought Department, Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training, said that in addition to the children who received health checks at school, there were two children who had to go to the hospital for examination.

After the incident, the local health department coordinated with the school to monitor the student’s health. To date, the condition of the children is stable and has been sent home.

Currently, the Food Safety Management Board is working with district and school representatives to find out the cause.

According to information on the school’s Fanpage, the lunch menu for lunch on June 3 includes: tomato soup, mint cooked with clams; braised mackerel meat; broccoli, fried baby corn with chicken; dessert with plums; Peanut butter sandwich snack. Meals are organized by the school.

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