Ngo Thanh Van appeared in Hollywood movies

The movie “The Princess” by director Le Van Kiet has just released the first trailer. Action, historical work with the participation of Joey King, Ngo Thanh Van.

On June 3, the official YouTube channel of the online video viewing platform Hulu uploaded the first trailer for The Princess. The film is set in the Middle Ages, combining fairy tales about princesses and princes with action and martial arts genres.

The trailer makes a strong impression thanks to the strong, “out-of-standard” heroine of the weak, meek aristocratic ladies and beautiful battle scenes.

The Princess is the latest work of director Le Van Kiet, invested and produced by 20th Century Studios and published by Disney’s Hulu online platform. The main character in the film (Joel King) is a fearless princess who refuses to marry an evil antisocial. She was kidnapped and locked in one of the towers of her father’s palace.

Before the plot to usurp the throne of her “fiance”, she must find a way to escape and save her kingdom. On that journey, the princess many times had to confront opponents with superior strength and beat them up and down the field.

Ngo Thanh Van appeared in the movie Hollywood-1

She stubborn, unruly, told her future husband directly (Dominic Cooper) that “I am not a commodity for you to exchange”, refused marriage and was ready to accept all the consequences that came. afterward.

One of her companions/partners is a warrior of Asian descent due to Ngo Thanh Van role play. The audience will see Ngo Thanh Van appear in the 47th second of the trailer, escorting the princess from the chase of a muscular guy.

Ngo Thanh Van appeared in the movie Hollywood-2

Female beating continues to return at the end of the trailer, in a warrior suit, holding two knives. Despite appearing briefly, Ngo Thanh Van’s character still left an impression with a beautiful fight.

The Princess marks the reunion of director Le Van Kiet and actress Ngo Thanh Van on the screen after three years since Hai Phuong (2019). Before that, they collaborated on a horror movie project The House In The Alley (2012).

The Princess is Ngo Thanh Van’s second international project this year. The female slayer will soon return as the immortal warrior Quynh in the sequel The Old Guard produced by Netflix.

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