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Nhat Kim Anh spoke “deeply” about love, and also reminded herself of this

Nhat Kim Anh married businessman Buu Loc in 2014, but happiness did not last long, in 2007, her marriage began to show signs of cracking. By 2019, the vocalist Sand castle She suddenly announced that she and her husband had been divorced for 3 years, but because the child was too young and wanted to keep the child’s peace, she always kept it a secret.

After the breakup, the actress shared many times about marriage, family, and love. Nhat Kim Anh admits that she is more closed-minded and sensitive to loveso she is no longer compulsive about love between men and women even though there is no shortage of men around.

Nhat Kim Anh spoke

Nhat Kim Anh and her husband have a son together.

Nhat Kim Anh spoke

The two have become enemies in the war to raise children.

Recently, she suddenly attracted attention when she continued to share her views on love on social networks. The beauty believes that every beginning will have an end, happiness and suffering always go hand in hand. “If there is a beginning, there will be an end. If there is happiness, then there is suffering. No matter how much they love each other, they will also separate. If we get back together, it’ll be crap.”Nhat Kim Anh wrote clearly.

Besides, she also reminded herself: “Just live your own empire. It’s so smooth and beautiful. Just so flat that the block of guys crave. Ok i’m fine”. Her point of view immediately received a lot of attention, but many people think that this view of hers is quite negative and it seems that she is losing all faith in love.

Nhat Kim Anh spoke

Sharing “deeply” about Nhat Kim Anh’s love views.

Previously, the female singer also had a post that caused a stir on social networks when talking about “old women”. “The old woman was strict with herself. Because their hearts are callused and scratched. They are weak but not weak. Pretending to be cold, but in need of protectionshe wrote.

Perhaps, not only Nhat Kim Anh, but any woman, when going through a marriage, also carries fear, no longer forcing love stories between men and women. Only when they meet the right person will they “creepyly” open the door of their heart.

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