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Other humans built a 65,000-year-old “art museum” in Spain-Travel

Friday, June 3, 2022 10:01 AM (GMT+7)

The Cueva de Ardales Cave in Malaga, Spain, is where two different human species left more than 1,000 works of art and bury their dead – a sort of splendid Paleolithic cathedral or museum.

The study, just published in PLOS One, led by archaeologist José Ramos-Muñoz from the University of Cadiz – Spain presented a specific stratification series of 50 layers of sediment from 50 different ages in the Cueva Caves. de Ardales, confirming the antiquity of Stone Age art.

Evidence suggests that about 65,000 years ago, another human species – the extinct Neanderthals – came to this cave to lay the groundwork for some sort of splendid Paleolithic cathedral or museum.

Shock: Other people build "art museum"  65,000 years old in Spain - 1

Researchers at Cueva de Ardales cave – Photo: RAMOS-MUNOZ

Hundreds of works of art have been identified as being made by this other human being, possibly for decorative or religious purposes. They used the cave until about 43,000 years ago and then suddenly disappeared.

At 35,000 years ago, our ancestors Homo sapiens took over the cave and continued the work of decorating the cave walls, bringing the number of ancient works found to more than 1,000.

Many fragments of ocher were also discovered in the sediments, showing how the two human species created works of art. The ocher was a common material used by the ancients in works of art and ritual, which remained popular until several hundred years ago in some civilizations.

According to Science Alert, no artifacts related to daily life were found, indicating that the cave was not used for living purposes.

Several ancient graves – well-buried – were also found in the cave. Scientists have not identified the species as well as information about the dead, but it is suggested that these are most likely the “elite ingredients” of both species.

The study once again confirms the unbelievable but perhaps completely true: Neanderthals, the extinct species of the genus Homo we are not confused. There is evidence that they were able to make excellent jewelry and tools, could weave yarn, weave nets … before our species, and know how to bury the dead in graves covered with flowers. from tens of thousands of years ago.

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