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Pregnant women exercise in the gym to stay in shape

HanoiAt the end of the practice session, Le Thu Trang still lingered in the room, looking at each body line, smiling because she still kept her neat figure even though it was close to the date of birth.

“Almost every day I look at myself in the mirror, left and right, before and after to see if my body has changed. Stealing is that besides ‘surpassing belly’, I only gained 8 kg even though I was in the last month of pregnancy,” Trang shared. . She took out her phone, reopened her pre-pregnancy photo, showing off her ant waist. Trang is 1.65 m tall, weighs 55 kg, often wears a dress with a body-tight design to highlight her slim body and three-round measurements of 87-62-96 cm.

Thu Trang is 29 years old, has been in love with bodybuilding since 2013, is currently a freelance trainer in Hanoi. In addition to teaching time, she spends 4 to 5 times a week in the gym. On weekends, she rides a bicycle or walks from 5 to 10 km to keep her body healthy and increase her endurance. After becoming pregnant, Trang still maintains exercise, saying this is the golden secret to staying healthy and in shape throughout pregnancy.

In the last month of pregnancy, Trang still maintains regular exercise from 30 minutes to an hour a day to keep her body healthy, keep in shape, and avoid rapid weight gain.  Photo: Character provided

In the last month of pregnancy, Trang still maintains regular exercise from 30 minutes to an hour a day to keep her body healthy, keep in shape, and avoid rapid weight gain. Image: Characters provided

Trang said, the pregnancy during this time was unplanned, thereby more or less disrupting her life. To balance, the female coach prepares a separate exercise program for pregnancy.

“9 years with the gym, I have taught many generations of students who are pregnant mothers, so they have experience in scientific training, healthy children, but still beautiful mothers,” Trang said.

First, Trang reduced the intensity of exercise, especially in the first three months. For her, this is the longest and most exhausting period, when the body is getting used to the new change. Many people advised her not to exercise or squat or not tiptoe, because it affects the fetus. However, Trang reads books, consults doctors, knows that “only people with a weak uterus, history of miscarriage, poor health, history of difficulty in childbirth, … need attention”, while healthy people can exercise. gentle exercise. She practices more yoga, prioritizing pelvic and neck exercises to reduce pain and fatigue caused by pregnancy.

In the next three months, Trang returned to practice as usual, only limiting jumping, cycling or sit-ups and push-ups. She walks for 30 minutes at night and practices regular breathing so that her body is not heavy. Trang still does weight training to keep her body toned, but she has reduced from 80 kg weight to about 20 to 25 kg.

When exercising, pregnant women choose clothes that are both comfortable and stretchy, but still show off their body curves, increasing inspiration for exercise. Before exercise, Trang does a 30-minute warm-up to warm up and stretch after exercise to relieve pain, muscle tension, drink lots of water and do not overdo it.

“This lesson plan does not apply to everyone. If you are someone who does not have the habit of exercising or only started exercising when pregnant, you should start slower and gradually increase each day,” Trang said.

In addition to exercise, Trang builds a clean, nutritious and rigorous diet. She completely gave up coffee, replaced it with filtered water, fruit juice and absolutely did not eat sweets such as milk tea, tea, cakes, … “For more than 8 months without using sweets, I also forgot the taste of it. How?” Trang joked. She switched to eating slow, whole-grain starches such as brown rice, brown rice noodles, and oats to stay fuller longer and provide more fiber for the body.

In the first three months, she added many dishes with DHA, folic acid in fish, vegetables, eggs… When she was anorexic, she divided her meals and added more fruits to increase her appetite. In the second trimester, the baby is stable, Trang takes calcium supplements from seafood, drinks milk without sugar to minimize sugar intake. Recently, the baby’s development is complete, she still cuts down on sweets, limiting fruits such as jackfruit, durian, sugarcane juice, carbonated water. In addition, the female coach does not eat processed and greasy foods to avoid swelling and facial deformation.

“People often say that eating a lot is good for children, but it’s not good to see mothers with obesity, diabetes, and high blood fat,” Trang said.

According to her, pregnant women should not eat too much or eat indiscriminately, leading to excess substance and weight gain. The weight of the mother is not proportional to the growth of the child. She reminds herself “being a woman must be beautiful” to try. Occasionally, she goes for a pregnancy checkup and asks for advice on a suitable diet to supplement nutrients.

Currently, Trang weighs 63 kg, an increase of about 8 kg compared to before pregnancy.  Photo: Character provided

Currently, Trang weighs 63 kg, an increase of about 8 kg compared to before pregnancy. Image: Characters provided

According to Trang, women should maintain exercise every day, should not let them practice when they are pregnant or stop because of pregnancy. When practicing, it is necessary to listen to the body and maintain it for a long time to have good health and ensure safety.

Currently, the female coach is rushing to complete the video project “A series of 7 days of exercise for pregnant women” Before the due date, she provides exercise curriculum for even inexperienced pregnant women. She hopes her knowledge helps many women with healthy pregnancies.

“There will be times when you feel discouraged, or morning sickness makes you want to quit training. That’s normal for everyone,” Trang said. “At that time, think of compliments like being pregnant but still pretty or the secret to eating for your baby and still being neat as a motivation to persevere.”

Back exercises for pregnant women

Coach Thu Trang guides back exercises for pregnant women. Video: Characters provided

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