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President Nguyen Xuan Phuc: Innovating methods of learning history in schools and communities

State President Nguyen Xuan Phuc spoke at the meeting. Photo: Thong Nhat – VNA

On behalf of the leaders of the Party and State, President Nguyen Xuan Phuc praised, honored and recognized experts, scientists, and historical researchers of the country who have been dedicating their wisdom to the world. talents for the development of historical science in particular as well as for the construction and defense of the Fatherland in general.

The President clearly stated that historical research is not to search for the past but to move forward to the future, to understand the laws of movement of society and history, to apply historical lessons to deal with conflicts. challenge, solve the problems of the present, know what to do and what to avoid, honestly seek the nation’s truth values, the things that stand the test of time. Thereby, illuminating the right and firm steps into the historical pages that future generations will continue to write.

Over the past time, the Association has carried out many historical scientific researches that are valuable in both quantity and quality, not only in terms of academic, ideological, research and historical training for the development of Vietnamese history. house, contributing to protecting the country’s territorial sovereignty, the views and policies of the Party and the State, and the correct historical values ​​of the nation. The Association also actively participates in social criticism activities, contributing to the protection of national historical value systems, against the distortion and destruction of many powerful groups. The President said that the number of members of the Association, which is constantly expanding, is a valuable human resource. The prestige of the Association was established and constantly improved, many historians of Vietnam were highly appreciated and honored by the international community. Many noble awards of the Party and State are recognition and proof of the achievements that the Association has achieved.

Recalling Uncle Ho’s teaching “Our people must know our history/For the original wall of the Vietnamese homeland”, the President emphasized that history remains, culture remains, culture remains, nation remains, ethnicity remains. remaining country; Weapons to defend the Fatherland are not only guns and ammunition, but also the values ​​of the nation’s history, the people’s deep understanding of the country’s origin and its historical and cultural traditions. , is the pride and pride of the nation. The Party and State attach great importance to the nation’s history, associated with the preservation of heritage, historical and cultural works; which is interested in historical research, historical education. The President suggested that the Vietnam Historical Science Association continue to make more contributions to the formation of ideas, guidelines, guidelines and policies, contributing to the formulation of the program for nation building and defense in the future. Ho Chi Minh era.

President Nguyen Xuan Phuc: Innovating methods of learning history in schools and communities - Photo 1.

Delegates at the meeting. Photo: Thong Nhat – VNA

Regarding history research and education, the President emphasized that a deep understanding of the nation’s history is vital to the cause of national construction and defense. Therefore, the problems and debates about studying history today need to be discussed and agreed by professional agencies to find the best way, in the spirit of paying attention to the position and position of history subject. history.

The President stated that we do not mass-socialize the research, teaching and learning of history like the natural sciences or economics, which already have social needs, economic opportunities and job opportunities, but the State must have a number of different forms of support to ensure efficiency, create a good incentive mechanism for research, training and study of history. The State needs to support the development of Vietnamese history, including financial support through scientific grants, research orders, training, historical criticism, and teacher support. and competitive grants for students majoring in history… A steady source of funding is needed to carry out history-related activities. With the capital of five billion dong of the Vietnam Historical Development Fund too small compared to the requirements of the task, the President asked the Government and localities to pay attention to support and call for the support of organizations and individuals. to have more abundant funds to develop the history of the country.

Asking a question that is of great concern to the whole society as to why many young people and teenagers are not interested in history?, the President said that the reason is that we do not have an attractive and effective way of communication, and lack of brief but vivid historical stories; lack of attractive historical films, inspirational pedagogical methods… Therefore, the President suggested that the Vietnam Historical Science Association should continue to make specific and convincing proposals to agencies. State officials. It is necessary to renew the method of learning history more in schools and in the social community, so that each citizen can clearly understand his or her roots, national traditions, historical values, and foundations. thought of building and defending the country of his father and President Ho Chi Minh. From the nation’s own precious traditions, the era serves as a guideline for the practical direction of building a prosperous and happy country. The State President said that the State has invested in building the National History and this is a very meaningful product and suggested that right now it is necessary to research and develop a set of history books so that young people and young people can easily understand and easily understand them. mind.

In the coming time, the President wishes that the Vietnam Historical Science Association will not only study and focus on the history of Vietnam, but also study and deeply understand the history of the region and the world. The Association needs to set a vision to turn the Association into a prestigious historical research center of the region and the world; build strong research groups to have many national and regional research projects. Promote international cooperation, academic exchange, find funding sources, promote historians to research the history of the Vietnamese nation resilient and creative. Studying measures to encourage learning Chinese and Nom characters to deepen the exploitation of historical documents, thereby contributing more to protecting Vietnam’s interests and sovereignty; Continue to raise the flag of the struggle to protect the sovereignty of the sacred territory from valuable historical research and evidence.

The President also noted the need to focus on fostering and developing the contingent of successive historians, worthy of continuing the predecessor historians in our country’s history; honoring scientists who have made great contributions to history, having more awards in history, expanding the audience, scope and form of awards to encourage the spirit of research, teaching and learning history in schools and society, granting scholarships to encourage learning for pupils and students…

The President wishes that Vietnamese historians always be genuine historians, taking the objectivity of history as truth, grasping historical values ​​and trends of the times, loving peace, preserving Defending the right, wholeheartedly serving the Fatherland, not only being a historian but also making his mark on the history of building and defending the Vietnamese Fatherland in the Ho Chi Minh era.

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