Proposing to clarify who is Viet A Company that has great controlling power?

Referring to the case Viet A During a discussion session at the National Assembly, on the afternoon of September 2, about thrift practice and anti-wastefulness, delegate Tran Quoc Tuan (Tra Vinh) emphasized, this case does not stop at the content of losing money. It wastes money and public property, but it also wastes another more valuable asset and, more importantly, wastes people’s trust. Because having faith is having everything, but losing faith is incalculable danger.

According to Tuan, the COVID-19 epidemic has caused quite a lot of damage to many countries around the world, including Vietnam. Up to now, our country has had more than 43,000 deaths and nearly 4,500 children being orphaned. “This pain will forever be etched in the minds of all of us,” said Mr. Tuan.

What made the Tra Vinh delegation feel pain again was while the whole political system, especially when the medical team, doctors, medical staff, officers and soldiers of the armed forces struggled to fight the epidemic. There are people who have sacrificed their lives in exchange for the health of the community, while there are a number of cadres and party members who are corrupt to the extreme.

According to him, these people were insensitive to the loss of their own compatriots. They have turned themselves into “burners” rushing into the “fire” full of money, among them people with academic degrees, degrees, professors, doctorates, doctors.

“Only recently, it was they who were honored, some were even awarded the Labor Medal, but in the blink of an eye when the COVID-19 pandemic passed, they became criminals from the money. full of sophistication, full of dirty tricks of Viet A. It is they who have tarnished the ethereal white blouse they are wearing, and it is they who have wasted the people’s trust,” Mr. Tuan said.

How many other Viet Asians crept into the industries?

Affirming, those who do wrong will be punished by the law, but there are 2 issues, according to Mr. Tuan, that need to be clarified:

Firstly, is there a loophole in the current legal regulations, easy to be taken advantage of, or the lack of deterrence, leading to a series of violations by medical staff?

“They are in many different localities, including in the ministries and central branches, but the mistakes are the same and if that’s really the case, then there are many Viet A people besides the medical industry that have been crept deep in the bidding packages of the company. other industries, Mr. Tuan asked.

The second problem posed by Mr. Tuan and suggested to clarify, is who is Viet A Company? Why do they have such dominant power and influence?

From the above questions, Mr. Tuan suggested that the Government should urgently direct the review, correction, supplementation and completion of relevant legal provisions to both protect the rigor of the law, but also protect the law. protect dynamic, creative, dare to think, dare to do, dare to break through, dare to take responsibility for the common good as Conclusion 14 of the Politburo.

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