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Reaching 6 million views and a meaningful message

The touching MV about motherhood and meaningful messages attracts more than 6 million views

After the MVs with melancholy colors, this comeback, Hoa Minzy portrays a gentle and profound image of a woman. She recounted her life story, from the days when she was a child when she was cared for by her mother until she became a mother. After many years of hard work raising children, in the late afternoon, Hoa Minzy’s loving mother had health problems. Since then, Hoa Minzy has researched and become aware of the decrease in bone density in women after the age of 30 and found ways to protect the health of her mother and herself.

Hoa Minzy's MV

Through this story, the MV sends viewers a special message about the importance of protecting bone health for their loved ones and themselves, in which the awareness of bone density loss after age 30 in women is very important. Women are very important. From there, remind the children to care, care and love their mother more by supplementing with liquid organic calcium.

Also from the same meaningful message from the MV “Be strong with a couple”, Hoa Minzy spread the action to the public, many viewers were curious & participated in learning about bone density as well as a gift for mother. liquid calcium.

Why should women after 30 pay attention to protecting bone health?

With age, people, especially women, will appear to have a decrease in bone density, bones are continuously thinning and lack of substances that make up bones such as calcium and potassium… more brittle, vulnerable and easily broken even with minor trauma. In addition, the following factors also directly affect bone density such as: Hormone decline; a diet lacking in nutrients that are beneficial for bones, using drugs with harmful side effects for a long time; Regular use of stimulants, heavy labor or inactivity,…

Hoa Minzy's MV

Everyone is at risk for bone loss. However, this condition is more serious in women after the age of 30, pregnant women and the elderly. Therefore, these subjects need to focus on reasonable calcium supplementation to ensure bone health. If not detected early and treated promptly, this disease can lead to osteoporosis or the risk of many unpredictable complications.

How does bone density decrease in women after the age of 30?

Pregnancy and calcium deficiency: Calcium is the main component in bones, calcium deficiency during pregnancy is one of the first manifestations leading to osteoporosis. Meanwhile, the calcium requirements of pregnant women increase markedly from time to time in pregnancy: in the first 3 months, the mother needs 800mg of calcium, the second 3 months is 1000mg and the last 3 months is 1500mg. The lack of calcium in pregnant women not only affects the health of the pregnancy but also affects the development of the child: growth retardation, congenital rickets, congenital wheezing, bone deformities.

Hoa Minzy's MV

Unreasonable working time, exercise & rest mode: Having to do heavy labor with high density, often carrying large and heavy objects will have a bad impact on women’s bones and normal posture. Along with that, the unreasonable and unscientific sleep and exercise regime also causes bone density to decrease and women’s bodies often ache.

With increasing age, the decrease in bone density in women is more pronounced, leading to other bone diseases, causing difficulties in movement and daily activities. Older people, especially women, will no longer be as agile and active as before and have frequent aches and pains.

The golden drop of happiness is the solution to supplement the missing calcium: Hoa Minzy answered in the MV Sure there is a couple

Reasonable exercise & rest mode: Scientific movement makes the body and bones more flexible. Combined with a reasonable rest and sleep regime to help restore strength after a long day, the body has a break and the bones are also stimulated to work, avoiding bone density loss.

Scientific nutrition: The nutritional menu is full of nutrients, especially foods rich in calcium, zinc, potassium … good for bones, making our bones more and more supple.

Calcium supplement with appropriate dosage: In particular, liquid organic calcium is suitable for most subjects, especially pregnant women and women over 30. It is like a “golden drop of happiness”, bringing health, joy and well-being to everyone. mother and peace of mind for the child.

Hoa Minzy's MV

With Hoa Minzy, it is only when she grows up and becomes a mother that she understands the hardships and hardships that her mother has gone through. From the MV Be strong with a couple, the young mother wants to convey to her sisters that: As a woman, to be beautiful, you must first be healthy. To be healthy, it is necessary to have a strong skeleton. As long as we are strong enough to have a couple, at any age, we will all be beautiful. And lastly, don’t forget that mom is the one who gave us life, take care of your bone health more!

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