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Revealing 33 real estate businesses, banks “embrace debt” 12 billion USD to issue bonds

According to a report by the Ministry of Finance to the Economic Committee and the National Assembly, there are 13 large enterprises in the real estate sector that have borrowed through bond issuance with an amount of over VND 100,054 billion (US$4.3 billion), along with 13 Joint-stock commercial banks issued more than 178,100 billion dong of bonds (equivalent to 7.7 billion USD).

20 real estate giants with $4.3 billion in debt to issue bonds

A total of 33 banks and real estate businesses have been holding debts from release Stock enterprises with a capital of 276,000 billion VND (equivalent to 12 billion USD).

33 real estate giants, banks

A series of businesses and banks are holding debt to issue bonds of hundreds of trillion dong in 2021.

Specifically, the 20 largest real estate companies issued corporate bonds in 2021, with a total debt of nearly 100,054 billion VND (over 4.3 billion USD), interest on corporate bonds of small businesses. from 8%/year to 12.9%/year.

Specifically, the group of real estate enterprises leading in corporate bond debt in the past year included: Hung Thinh Phat Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company with an issue of more than 9,600 billion VND, Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company and Building Van Tuong Phat with more than 8,000 billion VND.

Most notably, the two companies that issued shares many times larger than equity, CP Osaka Garden, issued VND 7,700 billion, 28.5 times the equity of VND 270 billion; Mediterranena Revival Villas Real Estate Company Limited issued VND 7,200 billion of corporate bonds, 47 times higher than the equity of VND 153 billion.

These two businesses have relatively high average issuance interest rates ranging from 8.0% to 11%.

Other business groups such as Hoang Phu Vuong Joint Stock Company issued VND4,670 billion of bonds, nearly 6 times the equity and had an interest rate of 12.9%, the highest level among the top 20 real estate companies. bonds.

Sunshine House Business Joint Stock Company issued more than 3,300 billion dong of bonds, 7 times the equity and interest rate of more than 11%. Residence Investment and Development Joint Stock Company issued more than 3,000 billion dong of bonds, 6 times of equity, bond yield of 9.8%.

A group of 13 banks has a bond debt of $7.7 billion

Participating in issuance activities, there are many different commercial banks. Specifically, Vietnam Prosperity Bank (VPbank) ranked first with a large issuance of 22,700 billion VND (nearly 1 billion USD); Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank (ACB) VND 22,200 billion, Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) VND 18,847 billion, Vietnam International Commercial Joint Stock Bank VND 17,500 billion, Tien Phong Bank VND 17,100 billion, Post and Post Bank Lien Viet electricity is 15,990 billion dong, SHB: 12,400 billion dong, Orient Bank and An Binh Bank 11,000 billion dong.

Regarding bond activities, the State Bank recently directed the Banking Inspection and Supervision Agency to strengthen the inspection and examination of the situation and investment activities of corporate bonds of credit institutions. used in the system.

Eight commercial banks will be included in the inspection plan, including Techcombank, HDBank, TPBank, SHB, PVComBank, VietBank, SeABank and Baoviet Bank.

The above activity is aimed at implementing the Prime Minister’s direction in the public notices on strengthening management, supervision, inspection and examination of the stock market and corporate bond market.

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