Life Style


RUDE PRIDE – My lifestyle Madrid oi! Band Grabado and Mezclado on October 10, 2013 at Pablo Martinez’s studios. [email protected] LETRA: Two victorious laurels surround my heart and body, tattooed with the battles won, never surrender to the enemy, it’s my way of life and will never die. I’m a brave man, but I’m not a hero. I am just a survivor of this class struggle. My main weapon is my brain. My way of making you understood… my handcuffs! Some have fallen by the wayside, many others have changed their lives, but my roots stand firm as a strong tree, stay rude, stay rebellious, stay free! I’m proud to be what I never stop never looking back it’s much more than a family it’s my way of life I’m proud to be what I am hate and love in my hearts, it’s much more than a family, it’s my way of life… my way of life!


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