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“Seventy-three, eighty-four, Pluto went without invitation”, what does that mean?

Let’s talk about the number 73 . first

The cyclic period of time is calculated as 10, this is what the ancients called the 10 celestial can, divided into: Giap (1), ất (2), pin (3), nail (4), mua ( 5) century (6), soup (7), Tan (8), sip (9), quarter (10).

Armor is the beginning of all things, for you it is the end of things, for you, everything becomes invisible, this is a real cycle of time.

The 60 year cycle is a major human cycle, so our main cycle is 60 years. After 60 years, we have made a small physical cycle of the physical world, that is 12 years. These two numbers add up to 72.

At the age of 73, we have just returned to the year we were born, and a new cycle will begin. This time after the age of 72 is actually the year when the human cycle goes from the big to the end of the small cycle. After the age of 73, our body or vitality is relatively weak.

The ancients taught:


As we just said, our world is made up of time and matter. Men are more time-oriented and women are more materialistic. Men are inclined to time, belong to endless life, so they do not care about life and death. The physical world has birth and death, but men and women are both composed of physical bodies. The period of the physical world is equal to 7, and the period of time is positive.

This is a sentence from the Emperor’s inner scriptures. Regardless of men and women, the male physiological cycle is calculated by 7. And the number 12 is another realized cycle of the physical world. Therefore, 12 multiplied by 7 is exactly 84. The execution of the human physiological cycle is complete, that is, when the human life ends, at this time the human body is relatively weak.

After the age of 73 is when a person’s yang qi is relatively weak. At these two ages, when people’s vitality is weakest, often sick, people call it 73 and 84, this is the origin of the saying: “Seventy-three, eighty-four, Pluto is not Please go by yourself”.

Older generations believe in this saying, in other words 73 years old and 84 years old are an obstacle in their life. As long as you can overcome this barrier, in the following days you will still be healthy, not suffering from serious diseases, and your body will easily live longer.

These two ages are also related to two ancient saints, Confucius and Mencius. Confucius is a representative of Confucianism in ancient China, a deity existing in the minds of the ancients. There is a folk saying that the life expectancy of the sage Confucius is 73 years old, and Mencius is 84 years old.

The two of them can be considered famous in ancient times, but they only lived to this age, so the ancients considered 73 years old and 84 years old as obstacles in life, difficult to reach this height.

However, with the development of medical standards, people’s diets gradually improve, and we tend to live longer and longer. However, the ancient saying also wants to advise us to ensure an optimistic and positive attitude to live longer.

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