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Strategies for the 10th grade math exam in 2022 are effective, get high scores

As for Math, students should pay attention to the following issues during the sprint review period and during the test.

Prepare knowledge and test-taking skills for general math students

In terms of knowledge, most will be in the 9th grade program, but with Math, the knowledge is very much related to each other, so we have to review the knowledge of the lower classes, systemize the knowledge ourselves. related formulas to memorize. Pay attention to the following math formulas:

– Types of calculations, reduction of roots, and related problems.

– Mathematical forms about the first order function y = ax +b, the function y = ax^2

– Mathematical forms of quadratic equations, quadratic equations, and equations containing roots of the basic form. System of quadratic equations with two unknowns.

– The quadratic equation contains parameters, Vieta’s theorem and applied problems.

– Real-life problems, quizzes to solve equations and systems of equations, problems about percentages, prices, quantities, etc.

– In geometry, students should pay attention to review the knowledge they have learned from grades 6 to 9, definitions, properties and signs to recognize trapezoids, parallelograms, rhombus, rectangles, squares. The formula for calculating the area of ​​shapes, the length of the circle, the arc, the formula for calculating the volume of some spatial shapes.

– For those of you who take the exam for the Math class, note that you don’t use the knowledge or the strange property lemmas of high school, especially in the geometry part, if you want to use it, you must prove it again.

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About the skills to take the specialized math test in grade 10

While studying, you need to do a lot of exercises to practice reflexes because there is not much time in the exam room. They need to do it quickly and get the correct results, the wrong results often get low marks.

For each problem, we need to read the question and do the final result, avoid the case that we can see it in the middle, it is better to do less and complete the problem than to do many similar problems and quit halfway. form bad habits.

The presentation of the problem is also very important, so they practice by finding previous years’ exam questions to do and present them carefully in the time allotted.

When taking the test, you need to focus in a specific time, creating the feeling of being in the exam room. When doing the test, you should pay attention that you choose the easy one to do first, then the difficult one, take careful notes and search for the answer yourself.

Any form of math that can’t be done or where it is wrong, must be trained more and noted again, to avoid errors later.

The assignment needs to be presented clearly, step by step, for the pictures, remember to pay attention to the drawings, draw the correct picture, because the wrong picture may not get points.

For those of you majoring in Math, Strict logical presentation is even more important.

There are ideas that just need to deduce a little bit of the main idea will not be scored, so students must practice presenting the problem carefully, logically, and clearly.

Prepare mentally and physically

At this stage, the children pay attention to their health, eat normally, get enough sleep, avoid staying up too late, avoid dangerous games that can cause injury…

Each of you has already chosen your school aspirations, so you must be confident in your ability to do well in the exam, confident and optimistic to aim for a successful exam.

Some notes when doing homework

– Prepare full tools, ruler, compass, degree ruler, …

– When starting the time, they read the question carefully, mark the easy and familiar sentences, cross out important and familiar keywords, do it first.

– Draw and do the picture early, don’t be too late to draw the wrong picture.

– What can be done should be presented, clearly, carefully, correctly calculated.

– If you can’t complete the sentence but have a correct meaning, just write it down, maybe in the answer yes to get that point.

– After completing the test (or not having time for the difficult questions), you should still take the time to check the completed sentences before submitting.

Common mistakes that you should note: wrong calculation, lack of conditions or failure to compare conditions to lose or gain solutions, misread or miss the point of the question, sloppy summary, incorrect drawings, and incorrect drawings. stroke or missing point name. It must be remembered that the grading teachers only give marks on the results of their work, they are not there to explain their ideas.

After they finish the math exam, whether they do well or not, they still have to be confident to take other subjects and complete the exam with the best results.

Wish you a successful exam.

Nguyen Tang VuTeacher at High School for the Gifted, Vietnam National University, HCMC

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