Succeed by the path of sustainable development

Imprint of sustainability

The mission of FrieslandCampina Corporation (FC) is: Nourishing – Nourishing by Nature, derived from the strength of 150 years of experience, with the core competency of ensuring the best nutrition for the whole world and aspires to be care for the planet; for consumers and for all members of the group.

Sustainability is important not only to FrieslandCampina but to the whole world. Sustainable development also includes the needs of human development and improvement of the quality of life, in which nutrition and education are two important components.

Therefore, with FrieslandCampina Group, the concept of sustainability is not only limited to the environment, reducing waste or CO2 emissions, but also important to serving people.

Cooperation and sustainable production

As a leading enterprise in the dairy industry, owning a closed production chain “from pasture to glass”, FrieslandCampina is able to control the feed source of dairy cows to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions, increasing bio-enrichment, significantly increased milk yield and quality. The problem of waste is also treated very strictly, typically in two factories in Vietnam, the company has reached 100% zero waste landfill, processed through appropriate processes to not have any impact on the environment. environment. FrieslandCampina’s changes take place on a global scale with tailored solutions for each country, to create the most positive effect for the environment.

Over 25 years of accompanying and developing in Vietnam, the group has been implementing the dairy development program (DDP) in many localities across the country. Specifically, FCV invited Dutch farmers to Vietnam to provide technical assistance, training, ‘know-how’ transfers and experience sharing to obtain high quality milk, produced according to the method. sustainable Dutch standards.

FrieslandCampina is proud to be a pioneer in developing the DDP Program as soon as it arrives in Vietnam, and to date, more than 8,500 farmer households have participated in the program with 12,000 training sessions per year. As a result, consumers can buy high quality milk from local sources and the lives of Vietnamese farmers are also improved.

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When the quality of life is good, farmers will focus on creating a better source of raw milk to serve Vietnamese consumers.

Succeeding through continual improvement in nutrition for every generation

Over 25 years of sustainable development in Vietnam, the group’s mission is to provide the best nutrition and improve the nutritional status of the people, especially children. Children who go to school every morning without adequate nutrition are still very common. According to many studies, this reduces performance in learning, movement and physical development.

Of the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations, the first four are related to nutrition and education. This is made possible by FrieslandCampina’s boldest move yet – launching a new line of nutritious cereals. This is considered a new global initiative. Vietnam is the pioneer country that FrieslandCampina introduced this product line, and the company has achieved initial success with very positive feedback from consumers. use.

In addition, with the long-term strategic cooperation program of Dutch Girl brand with the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam, 1.5 million primary school students will benefit from nutrition education and training programs. physical development in 5 years (2020-2025).

FrieslandCampina - Success by way of sustainable development - Photo 2.

Vietnamese consumers react positively to the newly launched Dutch Lady nutritious cereal product

Maintain position with the mission of serving consumers

Vietnam is an important market, if the world used to talk about BRICS countries, today we talk about VIP countries – Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines. In FC’s 130 global markets, Vietnam is a fast-growing country; With 70% of the population located in periphery and rural areas, the Vietnamese market not only has potential for economic development but also has a high demand for nutrition.

What makes FrieslandCampina, Dutch Lady’s milk confident against all competitors and win the hearts of consumers, is its dedication to this market, by providing standard Dutch nutrition, suitable for income of all classes of consumers, making it easy for all people to access, to contribute to the common goal: For a high and outstanding Vietnam.


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