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Tet Doan Ngo – Vietnamese people kill insects, what about other countries?

The 5th day of the 5th lunar month is one of the traditional New Year holidays in some countries such as Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, China, and Japan. Many people mistakenly believe that May 5 is a “beautiful day” to organize festivals. However, this is completely the opposite, on May 5 in Asian countries often have different activities for the purpose of warding off evil spirits, preventing diseases, maintaining health, and praying for peace.

Vietnam: Lunar New Year or Tet to kill insects

“Doan” means the beginning, “Ngo” is the time from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Vietnamese people celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival after making offerings to heaven and earth at noon. The Lunar New Year falls on the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. This is also the time when farmers start the summer-autumn crop.

Usually before and after the summer solstice is a time of intense heat and harmful insects develop, damaging crops and affecting health. Therefore, during this period, people have the custom of killing insects outside the field and also symbolic “bugs” inside the body.

In the tray of offerings to Vietnamese people at noon, it is indispensable for fruits, especially round fruits, to pray for a full crop. People also eat sticky rice wine. Glutinous wine with full of sour, spicy, bitter and sweet flavors has the effect of killing parasites in humans.

Eating banh ú tro is also a long-standing custom that Vietnamese people still keep. Banh ú ash is made from glutinous rice and ash water from the kitchen to settle. People believe that this cake helps the body detoxify, wards off evil spirits and also symbolizes a bountiful harvest. Another dish that is indispensable in the family party “eating the fifth” is duck meat. Duck meat has cool properties to help cool down effectively in the hot summer solstice.

On this day, many people will choose right at noon to pick medicinal leaves. They believe that at this time medicinal plants can enhance their medicinal properties. The leaves are also known as “five leaves” used for cooking, steaming, bathing… to help promote health and have the ability to treat diseases.

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China: Dragon Boat Festival

In China, the most prominent activity on this day is the dragon boat racing festival. Rowing the dragon boat on the river not only expresses mourning for patriotic poet Khuat Nguyen (of the country of So, he threw himself on the Mi La river), but also prays for a good harvest, favorable rain and wind, and a healthy body.

They eat Zongzi, similar to banh ú ash in Vietnam, made from glutinous rice. In addition, people also hang bamboo and wormwood in front of the house to repel mosquitoes and flies away, purify the air. Children wear scented bags to exorcise evil spirits and five-color silk cords of red, yellow, blue, white, and black are colors that bring good luck.

Japan: Tango – Festival of Boys

Families with boys on this day will hang carp flags with the meaning of wishing the children to always be strong, have courage and grow up healthy.

On this day the Japanese also eat Zongzi, but this cake is made from plain rice instead of glutinous rice. They drink wine soaked in fenugreek to fight evil influences from the devil.

The Japanese also use stevia as an important part of the festival, symbolizing courage. They hang stevia on the porch, dry on the roof, put under the pillow, use for bathing or soaking in wine. People believe this can help ward off plagues and evil spirits.

Korea: Gangneung Danoje . Festival

This day festival in Korea is very rich and especially colorful in activities. Gangneung Danoje festival in Korea lasts more than 20 days.

During Gangneung Danoje, there will be activities with local characteristics such as pot-throwing, wrestling, rope swing, taekwondo competition, Dano fan making, traditional mask dancing, etc. People also make ceremony trays. with sagebrush and pies to offer to the ancestors. Gangneung Danoje is a large-scale folk activity for people to pray for a bountiful and prosperous harvest.

Singapore: Dragon Boat Racing Festival

In Singapore, where a lot of Hokkien – Chinese live, they hold various festivals to ward off evil spirits and pray for peace. On the 5th day of the 5th lunar month, they will always remember to eat Zongzi or Bak zhang with a variety of different fillings.

In which, organizing dragon boat races is an indispensable activity. Around the annual Dragon Boat festival, an amazing dragon boat challenge tournament will be held at Singapore’s East Coast Park.

Malaysia: Dragon Boat Festival and Zongzi . Baking Contest

In Malaysia, people also eat Zongzi on this day. The Zongzi making contest is held almost every year. There were many people of all ages participating in the competition. The dragon boat race is also an annual event.

The month of the Horse is a month in the middle, so it is considered by Asians as the Mid-year New Year. Although there are many activities taking place in different countries at this time, folk beliefs say that you should avoid choosing this day to travel. This is the time when people should focus on their health and gather and gather with family and loved ones.

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