The deeper the water, the more still, the more intelligent the person, the more humble

Arrogance and complacency will bring disaster to the body

Little Salt Beads, eager to be merged into the ocean, came to say goodbye to Big Salt Seeds, but only received the contempt of Big Salt Seeds: “Why do you lose yourself like that? It’s foolish not to want to be yourself!”. Ignoring the Little Salt, the Big Salt crouched in the salt field with disdain for the other grains of salt getting smaller and smaller, immersing themselves in the waves.

However, because the Big Grain of Salt is hard, it is rejected by the salt people, classified as waste when they are harvested, and the pure white salt particles are put in a basket, put on their head or carried on their back, after that is packed in clean bags. The Big Grain of Salt feels lonely and lonely.

After a period of being exposed on the market stalls, the Big Salt Seeds are bought and cooked in a pot of pig bran. But because of his pride, the Big Salt did not want to immerse himself in boiling water to serve the pigs. It crouched again, ignoring the threat of the hundred-degree boiling water as if it wanted to pounce on the Big Grain of Salt. When washing the pig’s trough, the farmer saw that Big Salt Grains were left on the trough, and immediately threw them on the main road without thinking.

The wisdom of human life: The deeper the water, the more still, the more intelligent a person is, the more humble - Photo 1.

Big Grain of Salt feels offended but doesn’t know what to do either. Just then, the rain poured down, the Big Grain of Salt met the Little Salt, which has now become a raindrop. Meeting an old person, Big Salt Seed quickly inquired, Little Salt Seed did not hesitate to tell about her wonderful life to her close friend:

“Dissolving in sea water, I feel so free. After that, I was able to fly to the sky, freely watching the scenery from above, needless to say, everything was like a dream! Then I turned into a rain to cool the nature and make it more lush. Just like that, the places I visit don’t count. Great journeys are connected to other great journeys… Well, hello sister, I have to go to return to my roots soon.”

Hearing that, Big Salt Beads became more and more miserable and regretted their choice. If I had awakened earlier, wouldn’t the Big Salt Bead now have a free and free life like the Little Salt? However, it was too late, the Big Salt had to accept to pay for his mistake…

Wisdom of human life: The deeper the water, the more still, the more intelligent a person is, the more humble - Photo 2.

Do not criticize, laugh – the pinnacle of life

Arrogance, conceit does not prove that you are intelligent, on the contrary, it evaluates you as a person who does not know how to think before and after, only selfish, thinking only of himself. Complacency is like a poison that kills the human soul. Being proud of yourself is a commendable thing, but overconfidence causes pride to lose its precious feelings.

The more complacent, the more defenseless; The more knowledgeable you are, the more likely you are to take risks. A humble person who knows how to live for others does not make anyone angry or bother anyone. Living knowing that we know we help ourselves to practice good habits, even standing at the pinnacle of power, we also know how to bow our heads in humility.

There is no one in this life who loves and respects an arrogant and self-satisfied person because “higher mountains have higher mountains”. In a poem by Li Bai, there are two lines like this: “The army is unconvinced, the high street is intelligent, the glass is bi-white, the tide is like a snowy grave / Human life is full of joy, Mo Su Kim Ton is not against the moon”it mean “You don’t see your parents looking in the mirror sad, gray hair, early as green silk but turning into snow / Life is proud, just drink it up, don’t let the golden cup empty with the moon.”

Human wisdom: The deeper the water, the more still, the more intelligent the person, the more humble - Photo 3.

Everyone only gets to live once, so live happily and happily. Fast or slow, the tempo in each song is different, everyone’s life is the same, so live for yourself. Boasting or complacent, in the end, all of us are the same, why do we have to compare and lose with others and then regret it because we struggled to live, to be better than others?

There is a saying like this, “in the world of adults, there is no one who is not tired, just they are used to it. The more experienced, the quieter the person; the smarter one, the better. know what humility is.” Therefore, do not indulge yourself too much, do not torture yourself too much. Above all, work for what you like the way you want it.

Lan Lan

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