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The Friday group’s “A Sunlight” has passed away

At 4:29 am this morning (June 3, 2022), economist Huynh Buu Son took his last breath at his home, at the age of 77.

Mr. Huynh Buu Son (SN 1946, in Vung Tau) is a prominent economic expert – a rather special historical witness – who holds the key to the gold vault of the old Saigon National Bank. He is also one of the participants in laying the foundation for reforming the banking system, bringing the Vietnamese banking industry closer to the world.

Economic expert Huynh Buu Son -

Economist Huynh Buu Son. Documentary photo of the Law Newspaper

During the opening hours, there was a Friday group specializing in gathering economic experts to effectively fulfill “orders” from leaders of Ho Chi Minh City as well as the whole country on issues of “world economy” effectively. . They made a great contribution in changing the mindset of doing market economy in the first toddler days after doi moi. Mr. Huynh Buu Son – one of the leading economic experts, a member of Friday’s group.

The funeral was held at his home – alley No. 9 Rocket Street, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Visitation ceremony from 11 a.m. on June 3. Passing ceremony at 6 o’clock on 5/6. Cremation at Binh Hung Hoa.

Projects of the Friday group: Proactive measures on money and prices for economic development; Renovating the banking system; Formulate foreign trade development policy for Vietnam; Regional planning for economic development… has effectively contributed to the socio-economic stabilization and the readiness of runways for take-off.

In this special group, he teamed up to research on “Overcoming the consequences of the Price-Wage-Money Program” in 1986, or “Renovating the Banking System” in 1989, and then the Ordinance A bank with a big push in the doi moi period.

He was also a member of the Advisory Group (4 people) of the government under Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet.

One of the reasons why he devoted himself completely was “putting the national interest, in all cases, above all other interests”.

Over the years, he has drawn on his experience and wisdom to write valuable books – “Dream of becoming a dragon”, “25 years of following Vietnam’s economy”, conveying the dream of the country today. Tomorrow will turn into a dragon!

He once answered on Dan Viet about the mission of a patriotic intellectual: “I think that a person who identifies himself as an intellectual must at least have independent thinking, in the sense that he thinks and acts according to what he knows and believes to be right, not because of pressure from interests or power. right to think and act differently. There can be the concept of an intellectual slave, but there cannot be a concept of a slave intellectual. In that spirit, I believe that the foremost quality of an intellectual is to love freedom and respect the truth.”

So to this day, the mission of “Sunshine” Huynh Buu Son – a patriotic intellectual has been completed!

During his lifetime, the late Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet once sent a letter to the group on Friday: “I always appreciate your sincere and straightforward feelings. I also appreciate your contributions in many fields. During the past 15 years, it is not because all of these ideas are new, correct and feasible.Some opinions, from the overall national point of view, are not really suitable with the conditions and situation. There are opinions together with the research results and proposals of other agencies and individuals, but they all stem from the desire to bring the country ahead. Moreover, they are all results. The result of a whole process of intellectual and successful labor, while the daily life and work of each brother still have many difficulties.

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